Work From Home - Offline

This website will have entire sections dedicated to helping home business people get their home business ideas working properly.

There are two ways I can help an offline business or an online business, but this section is for good old fashioned work from home business methods. Consultation, landscapers and other small home business could thrive using the hints and tips I show you here.


Work From Home - Online

As many people are looking for the safest ways to make money online in a work from home situation. Lots of great choices here.

I help both new starting business owners, and those that are well established but need to bring the online side or that potential to life. 95% of normal businesses could double their turnover. PLUS, I also teach people how to make residual income. No Product money.


Crafters and Crafting - Offline

Crafters need to produce products not worry about how to market the goods

Let me show you how to do this selling thing – and make it look easy. I was an offline crafter for about 20 years as a full time business and my experience will help crafters and small home manufacturing businesses find ways to promote and sell their goods in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.


Crafters - Making money online

Switching your crafting skills to online to earn a living is really easy

I originally came online 6 years ago to learn how to sell my art, and have learned EXACTLY how you can sell 500 times more product by simply doing a website correctly. Tons of details – true – but you will never look back.

I will show you exactly how to get targeted buyers calling you needing what you make.


One – On – One Training

Tired of reading reports and PDF’s until you’r just confused?

I saw long ago that the fastest way to find out how to do all the business related things that are new to you, is to get personal one on one training. You will be in a position to choose where to go in your training.

Premium Website Design

Do you just need a stunning premium website?

Do not want to go to the trouble of learning how to do website design? All you want is a website that does what it is supposed to do, look great, navigate properly – Get you leads.

Make Money Online Courses

There are some brilliant ways to make money online

I source and follow or research the top courses that are published online, and use my experience to see if they are worth suggesting to you as a way to make money online. This is not something I do a lot as I am very picky as to which trainers are worth my stamp of approval.

My Personal Courses

I have written a few courses in the 6 years I have been marketing products online.

Some are complicated products and others are short 60 page reports teaching you a single section you might need in your online website building or online marketing.

I feel that you are often better off buying a short course showing you a single small trick for a few dollars that needing a massive 10 pdf and 30 video course.