I work with the lists of top ten Crafting or craft topics all the time, but thought that you might be curious.

I decided to show you the exact numbers of searches and the topics or items that are being searched for in relation to crafting and crafts.

Initially I was going to only find you the craft items that were unique, but then card making, papercraft and paper craft are essentially the same right? But if I skipped those then you would not have seen how powerful some of those specific topics or keywords really are.

I work constantly with these sorts of numbers when I develop websites for crafters, but realised that I had never shown the top 10 before.

So I hope you enjoy my list.

The top 10 craft related searches are…

  • scrapbooking

  • decoupage

  • papercraft

  • sewing patterns

  • woodcraft

  • quilling

  • sewing

  • card making

  • paper

  • patterns

This is in a chart form

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The runners up were

  • paper craft

  • scrapbooking supplies

  • paper crafts

    Now I realise that you could combine paper, scrapbooking, and others in a pile, but I wanted to show you the breakdown from the actual results.
    In fact – if I get enough comments left here asking for different breakdowns, I will do other graphs from keywords for you.
    Then I should show you what the searches are for, when you look at everything.
    If you look at the image below you will see that for example “Michaels” the massive craft store gets the lions share by far. SIX times the next search term, and that will tell you the power of branding.
    Top Ten Craft searches online
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    Thanks for reading my top ten list for the most popular craft searches online.