If you have a great flea market idea and it is online as a website then read this short post

With Google constantly adding changes to its search engine results algorithm you must pay attention to this very important fact.

crafting money onlineOne of the most important things that you must do – based on the most recent changes at Google is to have fresh original content added to your website as often as possible.

Now I realise that this can be time consuming – but as an owner of a craft or flea market website – you need to get your website placed highly in the search engine results pages – and to get that result – you must keep your craft or flea market infromation up to date.

Remember that for your readers and for new searchers to find out about your products you must be find-able online.


Crafters and Flea market people often have new products

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase all your newest lines and items that you have made – and put up regular posts and pages.

Remember that you should also add videos and pictures whenever possible.

Both those items will show off your craft items in a much better way than if you just write a short post about it.

In fact if you really want a post to be read carefully – add good content, describe all the items in detail – using as many as 500 words, and then add a few pictures and finally refer to a page that has even more details and a video on that page.

Google and all your prospective buyers and existing followers will all love you for the extra effort.