Doing the research into choosing a craft or niche within a craft type that will guarantee you sales is in fact very easy to do

So you are sitting playing around with your hobby or craft and you start to wonder if what you are making will sell.

African crafted beaded necklacesEverybody does it. Plus you are spending a lot of money buying tools and bits and pieces and you know that the finished pieces that are piling up could get sold and get a lot or more of your money back.

So how do you go about seeing if what you are making is selling well or not?

Actually it is very simple and requires a bit of research and if you do it right you will be guaranteed a successful craft business.




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What NOT to do when choosing a craft product to make and sell – part one 

Do not just presume that if you love making purple and pink widgets that everybody else will love them and buy them. Take how popular those loom bracelets are (and now have become used-to-be)

Just because they looked like a fun thing to make and they looked easy to do (and they were) you thought that you could start a business crafting those right?

Nope, everyone also made their own, and yes they sold like hotcakes for a few months but they are sort of history already. There are a few very clever crafters who have stepped that idea up to a new level and are still selling… BUT…

Do not just presume!

What not to do when trying to choose a craft product to make or sell – Part two

Do not just go to one craft market, or visit one Etsy page and see how well they seem to be doing, and then decide to start your business on that idea.

One swallow does not make a summer. (I think that is how the saying goes)

Do your craft market visits properly, see who is selling what.

  • Visit more than one market
  • look at how they display
  • compare the time of the month to their sales
  • sit for HOURS and watch who sells the most
  • many more ideas

What to do to find a profitable craft that will really sell well

The short answer is this

Visit and research craft ideas on many different markets

Visit and compare many pages on Amazon and Etsy

Google search for online shops that sell your potential ideas.

Do keyword research to see if people are looking up your potential ideas

The long answer is this

I have three different products that go into a LOT of detail on how to do this.

The first is older and under revision…

The second is on my main page here – How to sell crafts on the craft markets

The third is still under construction. I am 90% through putting together a course that will cover every aspect to choosing and researching crafts that sell. This will have a value of over $30 and I am thinking of selling it for only a dollar

OK, I made a video and will add it here for you to see and will add another video that was OK that I found on YouTube.

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