Hi everybody, I have been putting together the final touches to my new course. It is 4 videos on how to sell crafts and set up a crafting business.

crafting courseI have been helping so many artists and crafters and almost all of them get the same presentation from me in the beginning.

The idea is for me to give whoever is interested a copy of the course so that they will be in a position where they fully understand the best way to make crafting profitable.

Sadly there are so many crafters who are doing just fine with the r crafts and have no idea that they could double or triple their sales very easily.



So, do you want to sell so many of your handmade goods that you can buy your own island?

You really can – if…

OK, for now this is not yet available, I am going to need another day or three.

BUT I wanted to get you all excited – I know I am 🙂

Please keep an eye open for the launch – soon.


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