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I started A Craft Group On Google Plus For You

Social media is vitally important to all aspects of marketing your craft products online With this in mind, I have been building the outside social elements that I need to get the best results out of marketing my own crafting website. I started the Facebook page first...

Craft Blogs and Followers

The best way to grow your craft blog is to have thousands of follower reading your posts   There are a number of ways that you could find craft minded people online and one very good way is via Bloglovin. Let me explain why you need this if you are a serious...

How to Choose a Craft That Will Sell

Doing the research into choosing a craft or niche within a craft type that will guarantee you sales is in fact very easy to do So you are sitting playing around with your hobby or craft and you start to wonder if what you are making will sell. Everybody does it. Plus...

How to Promote your Craft Market

Exposure and marketing is the best way to get feet to actually turn up at your craft markets Every country will have a Facebook page that does daily features of the craft and flea markets so do a search for them. Find| Promote them online The local one for me here in...

Country Christmas Market in Parys, South Africa

Hello everybody - a short post to tell you about a really nice monthly market on the banks of the Vaal river. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW This one will be the Christmas Market on Saturday, 6 December on the banks of the Vaal in Parys! Be there . You want a road trip that is...

Avril Elizabeth Home | Christmas Night Market

. . The Avril Elizabeth Home is having its annual fundraising Christmas Night Market   This is in the Germiston area (next to Johannesburg) and is behind the Roseacres Clinic in Primrose. Castor Road Fishershill . Time : 10 December 2014 5 - 9 PM Christmas carols...

Crafts I did as a full time living – Name on a Grain of Rice

Crafting I did to earn my living - For many years I earned my living from a stall on the markets selling names on a grain of rice. I used to have some jewelry added, and did a lot of  pre-done stock, for when things got too busy. It started with the grain of rice and...

Comparing Two Craft Niches From a Marketing Viewpoint

Today I wanted to just show you the difference between two very diverse crafting niches and how your research will change when researching them. If you are a business person and you are crafting to sell, then research is always important (Side Note - I also made a...

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