I am Robert Bruce Anderson – On this website, I am going to offer you a lot of Work From Home, or Lead Generation training for free.

CRAFTING and Hand made businesses will be a focus of mine too. Creative business people are very welcome.

Starting a new business? No problem, I will show you tips and tricks that will get you to the point where you are making money.

Got an existing business and need buyer leads? No problem, I will teach you how to target buyers that are actually looking for what you offer.

Just looking for a way to make some extra part-time cash? No problem, I can show you hundreds of real ways to do this. Methods that actually work (If you work too)


Here is a shortlist of some of the ones that are either already done or are lined up to get done for you.

  • How to start a dog-related business.
  • How to start a catering business.
  • How to start an eCommerce business.
  • How to start a coaching business.
  • How to start a freelance business.
  • How to make money writing for people.
  • How to start a Print On Demand business.
  • How to start a blog and actually make money.
  • How to start a graphics business.
  • How to set up a profitable “Local Business”
  • How to start a crafting or maker business.

How to get this free training

You will need to choose which email list you will prefer to be on, and then you will need to join that email list and I will send you training and news and tips.

I will supply you with the necessary steps needed to start the business of YOUR choice.

Over the last 12 years online, I have been working with crafter, makers and all manner of small business owners – advising, coaching, building their websites, and doing the SEO for those businesses.

I have applied many techniques that I was taught, and this proven track record is what I will use to back the free training I am going to be offering you.



What type of business ideas will I teach you?

For example, you want to start a business that is related to the hair care industry. A salon, a home-based salon, a supplier of hair care products, and a number of other ways to work for yourself in the hair care industry and be self-employed – successfully.

I then research this for you and create a series of how-to videos for you to follow along with and then be in a position to start your own business.


All Free Reports - All Courses - All Services

I am still adding the pages, and in many cases entire websites, that all these products will link to, and ask you to please be a little patient. I will try to get the sites up enough for you to see what each free report or full course is all about.

I will say this, IF you really want access now, I will set up a link for you to get access right away. To do that you will need to use the contact page and ask me.

EDIT HERE - and a BONUS to you.

I had to connect all the images below here to some sort of page, and those that are complete, cool for us, but those that were not complete, I added the course - BUT NOT A SALES PAGE yet.

This means that if you read this you can follow the links below and get at least 5 of my courses for free right now. as I edit and add sales pages so they will stop being free. 

But, hey! for now, enjoy!

Thank you

Start a Business Series

I will be doing a series of “start a (put your idea here) type of business”.

In the training, I will cover all the variations of that niche that you could possibly pursue.

I will show you details that help you see if there is an actual demand for that type of business.

I will cover offline and local business options for the niche.

I will cover all the (many) possible variations that you could do as a business online – For EG eCommerce, Blogging, Courses, etc.

Finally, I will also show you segments of that niche that could be micro part-time businesses for you to start online.

How I will deliver all this to you.

Every course – the free ones and the paid ones will have to be accessed via my email list. Call it a newsletter, call it a training series, but it is really just an email list.

You will have to join my list to start getting the courses, the tips, the training, and all the freebies.



Work From Home

No matter what you call it, making money online or work from home or part-time income or mommy blogging eCommerce or just plain old online businesses – they all sink or swim using the same rules.

I addition to the training I explain in the previous column, I will be doing a lot more for you.

ONE – Local Business. For local businesses, I will be doing constant tips and tricks that are there to help you get more leads, more sales, more eyeballs on your site.

TWO – Work from home business ideas FULLY EXPLAINED. You see, 95% of people start an online business without having a clue about all the better versions of what they are doing are out there.

THIS IS HUGE for newbies online.

THREE – Online stuff like software, social media, how to do images, how to research, how to spy on your opposition. This list can be a full page.

If I can show you a new thing each week that will save you time, or save you money, or just make everything work better and faster, I would sleep happily knowing you now know what i know too.



You need to join my email list for all this magic.

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