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Come with me – Learn how to earn online

I have been doing this for so long that I have reached a point where I know I can help you – BUT, do you want to be helped?

Somewhere inside this website is the perfect business idea or money making method for you. One that actually suits YOU.

Find that online business option that fits your skills

After 10 years of full-time online marketing, building over 300 websites, and teaching people how to start an online business I have finally got to the point where I can actually help you in a blunt and honest way. Why blunt and honest? The truth is that I have found out that a lot of people want all this without the work that goes with it. All I am going to do here on this site is tell you about it all. You can do the rest 🙂 No hard sell, no pushing you at all.

I used to say that everyone can make money online easily.

I was such an idiot – because I was looking at it from my education level, my financial levels, my life experience, my confidence level and a whole lot more.

After training a lot of people I have learned something very important. There are a trillion (did I say honest? Ok, so a lot) people who wish they had their own business, as many who would love to have a website, or some software, or anything that will allow them to stop their boring day job.

The sad reality is that there is a small percentage of people who will take the steps towards freeing their financial lives up and live an amazing life of happiness and more.

What? The small percentage that will succeed? Why so low?

Let me explain.

95% of online businesses need you to either pay for a lot of pages to get written, or you have to write them yourself.

I believe that only 50% of people can write in normal English.

Then only 30% of those are the ones who would like to be financially free.

When you add the fact that only 10% of people who SAY they will write content actually do, and keep on writing past at least 30 pages…

And you get a percentage of people who will even stand a chance of success at 1.6%

For the sake of my story here, let us say 2%. That is 2% that try – really try –  to make money online.

How many of those are trying to do the wrong business online?

I am going to say 75%. You see the saddest thing that I see – especially on Facebook, are those people who think they are helping other people by suggesting stupid business systems and ideas to those who come onto Facebook asking for advice and help.

People, I do it for a living, and yet I used to get into massive arguments with people trying to help others the right way. I finally gave up, and do not give a crap anymore. I really don’t. I have researched the success rates between “pyramid” schemes (Yes, I know, multi-level-marketing) and I know for a fact that it is harder than 95% of the business ideas I would show you. Selling perfume from your lounge is never going to get you a decent living. Maybe if you did it right, but so many do it wrong.

To finish my long story here…

If 75% of 1,6% of people are blundering off into the mud, then only .4% of people who try to – or want to try to start a business will succeed. I actually have become so cynical that I think it is far lower than that. I mean like 1% of that number. Sad isn’t it? Not my attitude silly, the numbers.

Would you like a ton of free advice on how to be one of the successful ones?

Let me write a short list of what I am prepared to do for you right here on this website.

I am not going to have paid training courses that are my own anymore. No new ones anyway.

  1. Everything that I write here is free advice.
  2. I will be adding a lot of help that will be there to help you understand how everything works, and then which money business idea suits you best.
  3. I will be reviewing courses by others that I believe have some benefit to some people. BUT this will be such a blunt and honest review, that I will warn off those for whom that course is not a right fit. Honesty works for me.
  4. All my own personal free courses are still available right now but might get removed at any time. If I do that it will be either because I have put it onto Kindle or it just got out of date, and I was never going to update it.
  5. I do have some older courses of my own that are still active out there somewhere, and they fall under the same thing here. They will stay alive as long as they are still current. Then they will get removed.
  6. I will also be offering BIG HUGE bonuses for an affiliate link that you click and buy from my site here. For example, if you get hosting from my affiliate link you are likely to get a dozen courses for free. All stuff that can help your business. Or if I do review a course that you then buy the same story applies, you get access to a bunch of courses to help your business.
  7. Lastly. I will sometime be active here daily for 3 months and then disappear for a year. It is what I do. I mission off sometimes on a new idea, or simply sit in the sun for a while. It is a lifelong habit I refuse to stop doing now. But all along the training and content will be right here for you to follow.


So What Now?
Read – Learn – Click

Seriously, this website is not a glorified sales page. You are supposed to learn, read, follow links, get advice and slowly find your feet.

Once you get the hang of my laid-back style and see how I am helping you, you could skip to the blog section and see what is new, what has changed, what I suggest and follow the ever-changing pulse of online marketing.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or get a beer, roll a joint, I don’t care what floats your boat and then settle down and start to educate yourself right here – pretty much for free.

I do not need to push you to start your business, or your part-time thing – YOU need to do that yourself.

I will simply explain it all to you, and leave the rest up to you.

The best of luck!

Before you take any steps at all – Read all this below


This is a detailed overview of the top 26 different ways that you can make a living online.

They are each a separate business model in their own way, and by reading this page and then the pages that will be found below (in the links section)  from beginning to end you will gain a lot of inside knowledge on what options are available to you as an entrepreneur online.

Most people who are starting to look into making money online waste the first few months (years?) flitting from shiny new idea to shiny new idea before they gain enough experience to be able to make an informed decision on which way their talents and skills should have been used in their business model from day one.

If I help you to understand the main styles/niches/categories that you could use as a business opportunity – it will save you weeks and months of going about the normal learning curve that we all have done in the past.

This page is not a course showing you how to start up a niche business online, BUT it will definitely give you the grounding to help you choose a business that suits your passions.

Doing a business that is also your passion is almost a guaranteed path to success.

Do it! And do not stop until you are smiling all day



While I do have 8 years plus of full-time internet marketing experience and I train a lot of entrepreneurs – you must not just presume that everything that I have written here will work for you.

I offer no promises at all – sorry.

I purchase dozens of courses just to see who has what new technique to offer, I test as many of those on my own websites or on my client’s websites – with their permission.

But none of that proves anything.

BUT, I live the life, I read and research and test all the time, I belong to forums and mentoring and mastermind groups – it is my passion.

I have worked from home with a 100% full-time income from internet marketing for the last 10 years, I spend time with my family as and when they need me, I choose the pace at which I wish to work sometimes doing 18 hour days and other times not doing any work at all for a few days at a time.

Never in my life have I found such a rewarding way to live than what I am able to do with my computer.

There are thousands of different ways to apply your skills.

Personally, I have quite a few income streams, some earning enough to be considered a full-time income.

I write this here for you and promise you that beginner and experienced marketer alike will get some useful information from this page and then the pages that I link too below.

I also do not claim to be any good at spelling and grammar – ignore the mistakes please – and rather gain extreme cutting-edge marketing knowledge from me here in this report.


Disclaimer number two

My ulterior motives for writing this for you here and then giving it away so freely…

I am a one man business, ergo I cannot just add clients by the dozens. Now because of this simple fact I am very likely fully booked or close to that all the time and therefore it is better that I write out this type of detailed report for everyone to read and that stops me getting emails asking basic stuff from the very beginning.

So I save a ton of hours explaining all this how-online-income-works stuff.

This page is designed to filter those of you who are serious about working online and cut out those who think there is such a thing as a shortcut to easy money somewhere in this world of ours.

There is – buy lotto tickets and hope like hell you will win.

I am not saying that you cannot contact me at all, but if you have been through this website with a fine tooth comb – then it will be a lot easier for us to talk about fine-tuning your online ideas, rather than me trying to explain the difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing to you. I do offer paid consultation and you would need to go to the services page to see the rates.

So my point is that this website will inform you about everything and send you in the correct direction without you having to email me questions.

But I am always available to answer any questions you might have.

I will be adding affiliate links to different things that you might need. That is another of my income streams (and it works very well thank you) this means that I will make a commission from some of the links in this report.

But I do not just add any bullshit affiliate link just to milk money from you – the ones that I do recommend are the best of the best.

Courses that will fit your needs

If you read this website from start to end you will understand what I am talking about here.

I will give you the knowledge to choose the perfect way for your personal skills and experiences, education and passion to be applied to the perfect business model for your future life. Plus there is a good chance that I will suggest a course or software product to help you achieve this success.

You can thank me later


Disclaimer number three

I refuse to try to cut the length and detail down to headline type bullet points and short explanations. I am a person who loves to add examples and explain some things in detail – or worse, over and over again. If that is likely to piss you off, you will need to have to stop reading now.

I do things my way and love it – you will just have to come along with me for the ride.

I do promise you that I am damned good at this malarkey – Ten years of being so passionate about something will definitely make anyone very good at doing it.

Let us get started

Your education and help start here…


Overall Online money making – a viewpoint


The secret to making money online or starting any business for that matter is having a bird’s eye view of how the whole system works.

That way you can choose the best fit for you personally – and immediately know what to target so that your income grows at a happy rate.

I have spent hundreds of hours explaining this to people like the basics for everything they need to understand before they do anything EVER online.

Number one – Online is just as complex as offline

An amazing amount of people think that the internet is simple, you either have a business website, a blog, a shopping website or a social website and then one of those becomes your business model. They do get that there are details below the surface like building websites, apps, coding or doing SEO services – but a lot of the time see the opportunities as only a choice of a few ways to make money.

Oh, not forgetting the multi-level marketing options. I have tried those a long time ago in my past and will NEVER do so again. But if you like that sort of thing – be my guest.

If you said to me “Rob Please find me a job” naturally referring to a normal offline job, I would have to ask you a dozen questions.

There are thousands of different types of “jobs” in the world.

Each will need a different level of skills etc.

Online is exactly the same.

There are thousands of different ways you can make money online and just like offline your experiences, knowledge and skills will determine if you are capable of doing any of those income-generating opportunities that this online wonder called the internet will work for you or not.

Number Two – There is some very good news

The brilliance of making money online is that a very large portion of the opportunities are in fact easy to do, easy to understand and as long as you actually work – you will succeed.

You will need to learn some basic stuff and more, but as long as you are capable of reading and writing in your chosen language, you will succeed if you actually make the effort. 

The Bird’s eye view

Before I go into detail on all the different types of choices you have available to you in your chosen method of making money online I will list a few of the biggest methods that are probably earning the bulk of the money for people all over the world online these days.

The idea is for me to explain it in enough detail for you to realise that you either love that method or are glad you found out you hate it before you wasted time trying out a website business within that niche.

So, while I have already told you that there are thousands of ways to make money online there are about 10 big and popular ways to make money. From those 10 are another 20 offshoot ways to make money. Then within those offshoots, there will be other offshoots that could still earn you a very decent living.

I will list them here and add some points as to what skills you will need to become part of that method of earning an income.

Before I start – I need to tell you this point and make it very clear!

When I say you do not need to spend any money on an idea or online business model, I am probably not including the fact that for 99% of the opportunities you will need a domain ($12 ish annually) and Hosting ($10 ish per month).

Plus you will learn very quickly that some things are just tedious and if you have the budget, it will pay to get someone else to do that task. For example, if you came to me and asked me to set up a complete business for you, I can do so very easily. I will simply outsource all the necessary tasks and in 6 months hand of a business to you that is already making money and growing by the day. But it would need to be a big budget – sorry.

You could do a massive amount of different income generation methods without a website at all but it just makes sense to have a “home base” website anyway. You decide.

Then there is the building of your website, your keyword research, your niche research and a few things like banners and headers that you could learn how to do yourself or pay a person to do that for you upfront. If you choose that way, you will pay a fee in the beginning – but then your website will be built and earning you money a lot faster than if you spent three months fiddling with the build and layout of your new website.

Again, your choice – as it is dictated by the amount of money you have available to start online.

It is obviously better to have it built for you, but if you do not have the money then go and learn how to do it yourself. I must add here that you MUST get past this step very fast (days) so that you can then go on to the actual money making work as fast as possible.

In each of these main money making categories, I will add these questions below and give you short answers for each one.

Do you need a website?

Do you need any skills at all?

Do you need complicated skills?

Do you need to spend money?

Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

How much income potential does this niche/method have?

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

Would I need one or many websites?

They are in no particular order


I have another interruption here and it is vitally important.

While I have listed 26 different main birds’ eye view categories here below you need to know that a lot of them could easily be combined into one big business.

For example, you could choose to start a business on one of your passions.

Random example = dating.

This would potentially fall under a few of the categories I have listed below. It would be a blog, it will become an authority site, you could add your own products, reports or software as the site grows. You could easily add a forum, social media site, and apps etc as the site gets busy. Then you will need a membership section and could even have affiliate programs of your own selling your software and courses. Email marketing would have become a vital part of your business.

Do you see?

While I try to explain each section to you in general, in reality, a lot of them will need to be combined as part of your business model.

Naturally, if you are a newbie then you will start small and grow each additional section as and when you need it and have learned how to incorporate it into your online business.

So the bird’s eye categories are just to give you a better understanding of how and why each section functions, and what you would need to know or do to add that as a business or income stream.

The whole point is to give you the opportunity to choose the correct section/field/niche BEFORE you start.

A bit like knowing you want to be a degree professional or a storekeeper or a service provider or a factory worker in an offline job before you get to start that job or business.

Bored already? I hope not.

Not taking the time to do your research will only hurt those who are not serious about making money, so I thought to interrupt here to remind you that owning and running a business takes time and effort.


Build a very big authority website (meaning many many many pages and posts) when it is so big you will have thousands of visitors and then you can sell them something

(OK, Rob, Is this true? – yes, but if you stop reading this report, and do not know which type of big authority website to build and how to build it – then you will make a tenth of what you could have made if you followed my research advice)

MASSIVE REVISION HERE (This headline was written two years ago, and now at the end of 2018 I am updating it all yet again.)

This text was first written 5 years ago. I do revise it occasionally and am doing a current revision to update any major changes to what I say here.

This is what has changed over the last five years and what will likely be changes going forward.

  1. Google is constantly tightening up their search algorithms and you will always need to do decent keyword research, decent content creation and decent white-hat link building and marketing.
  2. Mobile is becoming bigger and bigger. This means that “Local Search” type businesses are flourishing online. IE if you are a gift shop or a Gym, or a landscaper – it is now easier and easier to rank for your keywords and get buyer traffic to your websites. Currently, there is a “near me” thing going on that makes this a great business idea.
  3. I should have stressed more the fact that 99% of online businesses that you start no matter what your niche or product or service are – you will need a decent website. One that looks good, is mobile compatible, is HTTPS, has decent plugins, has meta tags that are done correctly and a whole lot more. Do not panic in this aspect. If you take my advice and are in constant contact with me via my posts on this website you will get all this information sooner or later.
  4. Social media has grown and seems to keep on growing. Sites like Pinterest are now capable of driving buyer traffic to your website with ease if you do your marketing the right way. This is true for all the big social media sites – Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook and naturally YouTube and good old organic search. Remember that no matter what you do from a social media point of view, you should ALWAYS have a decent organic search keyword related content plan going on. It is easily the strongest source of traffic for your business.
  5. Competition is becoming bigger and bigger, so niche’ing down has become the best way to ensure that your target market is targetable.
  6. “Blogging” seems to be making a comeback. People, please remember that blogging these days is still just a website. Preferably WordPress. Use the links below to go to my websites to see the current information relating to this topic. This blogging thing is what I refer to as an “Authority” site in this report.
  7. E-commerce has become MASSIVE. There are 16-year-old kids making $ 100 000 a month. This is Shopify, Drop Shipping, FBA and more. If this is your chosen niche, then please join my Facebook groups and ask for advice there. My Things-to make-and-sell sites will cover this in detail.


Where to next?

Use the menu – or follow the core links that I will list here for you below to those pages that really will help you get started with your new lifestyle.

Please come back soon for the important links soon.

I have to publish this page first 🙂 the other pages will follow

Before I add more details, I would like to add a BONUS section. If you need a website and use my affiliate link to get your hosting, I will give you so many bonuses that your head will spin for a week.

This will be for other services that I might offer, or occasionally for courses, I review and suggest that you might need. If you buy through my affiliate link again - you get similar bonuses and more. Please keep an eye out for those specials. 

My online marketing services - https://workfromhomemembership.com/online-marketing-services/

I will be adding links for up to 29 pages at least over the next few weeks. If you are here early, please come back soon to see more pages.


Page One is the Home Page - It is the full introduction to what you really need to know if you want to start to make money online.

Page two is very important - THE BLOG - In the beginning, it is not going to have too much while the rest of the 26 pages get added on the site and here to this list, but then after that ALL the activity will be there for you to enjoy.

Page three is making money writing content for website owners and related opportunities. See more here on this page. Writing Content.

Page Four is writing books, or writing stories. Old fashioned writers. See more here. Writing books and selling them online. https://workfromhomemembership.com/writing-books-ebooks-fiction-and-non-fiction/

Page Five is all about blogging and creating authority websites - See that on this page - https://workfromhomemembership.com/blogging-authority-sites/

Page six is Affiliate Marketing explained - https://workfromhomemembership.com/affiliate-marketing/

Page seven is all about building Membership websites for a stable income in your chosen niche - https://workfromhomemembership.com/membership-websites/

Page eight - This is a detailed look into doing your own courses and selling software - https://workfromhomemembership.com/your-own-products-courses-software/

Page Nine - Doing affiliate marketing through Amazon (this is my own personal core income target right now) https://workfromhomemembership.com/amazon-affiliate/

Page Ten - CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing. Fast easy money - when you know how. https://workfromhomemembership.com/cpa-marketing/

Page eleven - A review on an easy to do App business method - https://workfromhomemembership.com/zapable-review-make-money-building-mobile-apps/

The next pages are still getting set up.

Please come back to see them soon.

Page Twelve - Offline Marketing

Page Thirteen - Online Services

Page Fourteen - Outsourcing

Page Fifteen - Website Flipping

Page Sixteen - Lead Generation

Page Seventeen - Amazon Fulfillment Program

Page Eighteen - Normal Offline Business

Page Nineteen - Crafting of Product / Gift Supply

Page Twenty - Facebook Marketing

Page Twenty-one - Email Marketing

Page Twenty-two - Mobile Marketing

Page Twenty-three - New Ideas

Page Twenty Four - Forums

Page Twenty-five - Social Media

Page Twenty-Six - Directories

Page Twenty-Seven - Classified Sites

Page Twenty-Eight - Video Marketing

Page Twenty-Nine - PLR Products


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