About Robert Bruce Anderson

I have always been self-employed.

I came online back in 2008 to learn how to sell my art. I discovered the amazing world of online marketing.

I did course after course applying what I learned as I went along.

I shared what I learned with friends and family and it was not long before I was doing it for a living.

I loved every minute of it – and here we are 12 years later.

Many things have changed in my life over those last 12 years – where I live, my health, and a lot more. But what remains unchanged is my love for marketing, my love for business ideas, and my love for helping others.


I help people with the following things.

ONE- Starting a new business, with an online focus as the core system.

TWO – I help existing businesses (on and offline) to get more leads and sales.

THREE – I teach tips and tricks for all online marketers. This is a very large list but tends to focus on eCommerce, blogging, and local business marketing.

Offering advice and support for business owners.


Local Business Marketing


Total Beginners Online (Their Own Businesses)


People suffering from chronic pain issues and more.


Free Courses and tips and Tricks


Paid mentoring and paid courses

A few References

  • “Recommending Rob Anderson as a source of knowledge and inspiration is something I just have to do. Aside from his informed insights into the challenges I have faced he is always willing to offer himself as a sounding board for specific challenges and is professional in creating custom solutions for those challenges”.

Geoff Green

International farming expert & chef, Green-acre Living

“I attended Rob’s training for online digital marketing and his presentation of content is well presented in a step by step format.  When one starts out in digital marketing the amount of information and constant updates is overwhelming.  Rob’s course starts with the basics and builds on from there.  Rob is extremely knowledgeable in his area of training and has a comprehensive library of materials to reference.  I found his course fun, professional and easy to follow.  What makes Rob’s course stand out is his ongoing availability to assist and constant support throughout the learning process.  Highly recommended.”

Kim Schroder

Project Management & Travel Blogger

“Rob always delivers quality in all that he does, I’ve learnt so much from his courses and videos. Rob’s training has given me new ideas on how to promote my business and how to approach marketing differently. I highly recommend his training for anyone looking to develop new skills”

Daniel Hall

Domain and Web Hosting CEO, Stallion Hosting

  •  “I have had a wonderful experience with Rob Bruce Anderson, and also with using all his programs. I learned things I would have not known If I was doing this alone. I have built a strong relationship with my mentor, advisor and we try to keep in touch from time to time.”

Phakamile Maseko

Digital Freelancer, CEO – Lead generation