Event:  Solo exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Bets de Bruyn

When :  17 to 31 March 2015

Opening : 17 March 2015 at 18:30for 19:00

Where: Centurion Art Gallery. South Africa

Enquiries : Samuel (Centurion Art Gallery) on 012 358 3477.

Bets De Bruyn, former resident brings her art back to Centurion

Social MediaBets lives and works in Smithfield and Bethulie in the Free State since 2008.

Bets says as an artist she is driven to create something new. “ As an artist I can never be satisfied with merely reproducing the environment around me as my acute awareness of the pressures on the environment  due to its interaction with man, compels me to comment on these sometimes disturbing issues through my work as a sculptor and painter. “

The landscapes of the Free State currently play an important role in the way Bets does her paintings; how the light changes and influences the world around her where she lives. The manner is which human behaviour and the environment react to one another is her major source of inspiration for sculpting.

With this exhibition, Bets is bringing her experiences of the Free State to the city.

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