Want To See How To Find The Most Profitable Craft?


Best Crafts to Make and Sell from Home

Listen, if you are planning any sort of crafting business, where you physically make crafting items which you plan to sell from your home, craft markets and online then you have arrived at the right place.

I have been making and selling craft items from home for over 20 years and have been a crafter for longer than that.
With the world economy gone to hell, it is about time you do what you should have done from day one. Start up a business that will replace your income and give you the chance to do what you always wanted to do. Be Happy and earn money at the same time.

So how do you go about starting up a craft business from home?

Firstly you need to decide if you are in full time or part time.
It is important as you might need to keep your existing job if you have one.
But if you are able to start your craft business right away, that is great.
Then there will be a split between those who can spend a lot of money getting started and those who cannot.
All the options will work if you do one very important thing before you do anything else ever.
That single thing is to research your craft ideas properly from the start by checking what the best crafts are to sell, which ones are the cheapest to make, which ones will sell the fastest.
I have a one dollar course that is 32 videos long that will show you how to do that.

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The short answer to the title question “best crafts to make and sell from home” is this…

  • It is a craft that is proven to sell well already (research this point)
  • It is a craft that does not take a lot of time to manufacture
  • It is a product that can be marketed under a variety of different “keywords” like Gifts for him – as an example.

Want To See How To Find The Most Profitable Craft?

Simple and Unique Crafts to make and sell

When looking for either simple crafts to sell or the unique hand mad stuff you will need to do this first.

That first thing is to make sure you have done correct research into what the top crafting items are that sell the best. This would be within your chosen niche.
Then you have to start to think outside the box.
Do not try to be too clever here, as you are going to get into trouble if you try to make an item that is too weird.
You need to stick to what your research discovered and then twist it to fit into your criteria for simple and unique.
A simple item would be easy to manufacture and will be able to be made fast, yet still look good enough to get sold.

Remember that someone is not going to pay you for an item that is ridiculously easy to make. They will just go and do it themselves and save the money.
The unique product angle is more fun to play with.
Here you will start by thinking of different uses for a popular item and then tweak that design.
Think of using different materials to make an ordinary or already popular craft product.
I would suggest that you produce normal items first – to prove that you have a best seller first, before you start to get too clever by making a sky-hook option.


Cheap wooden crafts to make and sell from home

This topic is one you will see very prominently if you do the craft research course.
It will show you that wooden items are extremely popular among the top sellers at Etsy.
Plus if you look at the craft market videos I have on the crafters on fire website you will see that a lot of traders are doing laser cut products. See my Crafter Market visit videos here on this page
An easy way to make money
I personally made wooden or rather furniture items for a very long time so I can say that I also did these wooden crafts that this paragraph is all about.
Picture frames, candle holders, wedding favours and a lot more are items that you could make.
Go to the big craft listings sites like Etsy and Folksy and look at their listing for ideas.
Another way to see some great wooden craft ideas is to list all the main types of things that you can think of and then research those exact works.
For example things like bird feeders, letter boxes (post boxes to some of you), smaller items like tissue boxes and jewellery boxes.
WARNING – One thing here and this is very important.
You need to remember that a small wooden item or craft is as much work to manufacture as a big item. For example, a bench will be as hard to make as a jewellery box. BUT the profit in bigger items is much higher.
If you are limited in cash to get started and cannot afford expensive wood materials, go and look for recycled wood. It can be very cheap and can be crafty enough – because it is aged – before you even start to craft it.



Want To See How To Find The Most Profitable Craft?

Quick and easy crafts to make and sell

I would caution you about actually looking for quick and easy craft to make and sell, why? Because people will see they were made quickly and easily and not want to pay you enough money to make a living.
Unless you are doing this because you have to get something done for your child’s school market days, then I suggest that you look for a decent craft idea first, and then look at ways to try to cut down the manufacturing costs and speed of production.
Quick and easy smacks of desperate, so be careful here.

Easy crafts to make and sell

Even though I covered this topic above, I thought to list it differently so I can approach it from a different business point of view for you to consider.
If you research your crafting ideas very well you will uncover some potentially brilliant craft items that could be produced very easily and yet still sell very well on the craft markets.
Let me give you an example.
Back in my youth (I am riddled with old age) we had a lot of wooden toys.

Gliders, puzzles, building block type stuff etc.
Awhile ago a guy appeared on my local craft markets with a simple propeller blade on a stick.

What you do is place the stick between your palms and spin your hands in opposite directions and the propeller flies up and away.
KIDS LOVE THIS and this guy sold thousands of them for years now.


Fun crafts to make and sell

My first reaction here is to say go towards kid’s crafts and work that side of the crafting product ideas, but there are other things to consider.
Firstly everybody’s idea of a fun craft will be different, do you want one that is fun to design or fun to manufacture? Or are you looking for fun when selling the product, like the propeller idea above?
You see you need to approach your fun crafting idea research from the correct angle.
Personally I would find a niche where I would be selling to a specific type of person, like motor bikers, or parents, or newlyweds. I would then see if they are enough of those people on the markets I would be selling on, or if I was selling online, I would do detailed keyword research.
Finally when I know that I am targeting a specific niche I would look for fun items from that point of view.
You see, just finding fun ideas for crafts to manufacture is not going to be enough, you do want to actually make a profit don’t you?

Want To See How To Find The Most Profitable Craft?


Popular crafts to make and sell

Just a few free tips here on how you can research your crafting ideas properly.
The obvious is to actually go to the craft markets, and that is a massive one in my course, so for now I will leave that one and give you a few great ones.
When you have started to hone your research down to specific (exact) keywords or ideas, then you need to do your search online, but do so using Video and images.
I know that most of you will already have been doing it this way, but for those who have not been doing it, do it this way.
Search for your keywords on Google and the click images. Now you can even dig deeper and find the newest items by asking for the last year, or the last week etc.
Try it
Now video – search YouTube by all means, but remember that there are a lot of other video sites, so do the same search on Google and this time click video.

You will love what you find.

Summary of Popular and fun easy crafts to make and sell from home

I have really enjoyed writing all this down for you. I need to tell you that it is the cornerstone of a crafting business and the cornerstone of my entire website. It is so important that you do any research for your crafting business properly from the very beginning. If you start off right, you will almost be guaranteed to make a very successful crafting product business – all you have to do after the research is to work hard. Oh, and build a decent keyword orientated website. Those two combined will see your business flying. Best of luck out there!

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