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If you have any questions, I would love to help.

Hello – if you tried to add your email to a page for one of my reports and you were sent here – then you are already subscribed to my email system. Please email me here below and tell me which report you were trying to get and I will send you a link. Or alternatively – use a different email address and you will be added to my system from the beginning again 🙂



Naturally if you are here to contact me for any other thing – feel free to send me a mail – I love hearing from everybody 🙂

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My Contact Information

Use this contact form to ask me whatever you need to know in relation to my website, the Membership Site or anything relating to crafting or making money online.

I am South African so you will need to take the time zone into consideration.

My Time Zone is the same as Paris – France

Please stick to MY office hours

Phone: +2711 6569018

Mobile: +2782 572 5446


Location & Hours

I live in Buccleuch Sandton in South Africa

I do normal office hours.

9 to 5. If you cannot work to those hours because of your international location, then email me and we can arrange a time to suite you

Contact Via other media

I highly suggest that you start all contact with me via this email system.

Once we have been communicating there is a possibility that we could Skype or do a Google Hangout or other option.

Do not just leave a comment here, or on the YouTube channel or twitter etc – there is a very slight chance that I will see it, and when I do it  might be in 6 months time 🙂

Please stick to emailing me.

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