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You will find reports which cover a variety of different aspects of marketing online and at the same time, some of them cover the same ground.

I have not tried to put them in any specific order so you will find that my courses that are for sale listed randomly among the free ones (the free reports will become less and less – My bad).


Please feel free to look through all the craft related courses I have reviewed here below.


AS A REVISION HERE – I am writing this in November 2018 while doing a massive overhaul of this website.


The freebies that used to be on this page are now all added as pages to this website. The new freebies are mostly offered as bonuses for things you do for me, or courses and hosting etc that you might need and use my affiliate link to get it. That will earn you ever-increasing levels of really cool bonuses



A Premium Crafting Course

This course will teach you some extremely valuable tip on how to market your crafts


Online Marketing Services

Come and see what services I can offer you – for the busy business owner