Dawnings is a small craft company that specializes in creating beauty out of broken or discarded things  – recycling, upcycling and repurposing things that catch our imagination into jewellery! 

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About The Artist

I am a British ex pat living in Canada where the winters are long!

And after a lifetime of admiring the work of others I decided to take a few silver smithing courses, and voila, those winters were suddenly not long enough!

The Inspiration & Materials


I have whole-heartedly embraced the up cycling, recycling, and repurposing aspect of jewelry creation.  I love looking at things and seeing ‘what could be’  – from a piece of scrap leather, to a computers discarded heat sink made of copper, plumbing parts, copper pipe, broken jewelry.    Taking them apart, and putting them back together in interesting ways makes for a lot of fun!


The amount of waste we generate in the world is awful and if we can find ways to prevent even just a little from the landfills why not turn these broken or discarded items into something beautiful.     I spend my days at a desk at a large computer company; to be able to step outside that and create something totally different is a great way to change gears.


In line with this green approach I keep my packaging to a minimal, each piece comes in a small chiffon bag that can be reused.   Every little helps!

The challenge of this approach also means the collection is constantly changing – driven by what I can find.    My materials come from all over -donations from friends, broken pieces that would be discarded, charity shops, flea markets, found objects.    You never know what treasures can be found and repurposed.      I melt down the pieces that cannot be salvaged, and recycle whatever parts can be rescued, even if it’s just a few beads or the clasps.    I have family and friends on constant watch for treasures all over the world!  However I always buy earring findings new.    I try to focus on sterling silver, semi precious stones, and vintage pieces but hey, I end up where the muse takes me!


I keep a little book with me at all times, and sketch out my ideas or they would itch in my brain all day till I can make them reality!    I have a workshop set up in my basement, for soldering, melting down silver etc., but spend a lot of time on my dining table putting the final collections together.

Dawning Custom Design
Dawnings Custom Design started one weekend when I looked about and saw I had at least 100 pieces of jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets – and more in the works!   A friend was over and she bought a few pieces and I thought – Etsy!   And so my little company was born.    I sell on Etsy and am branching out to local high-end craft fairs this year.



Contact the artist


I love social media – you can find me here:

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/DawningsCustomDesign

Twitter:  @DawningsJewelry

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DawningsCustomJewelry

Blog: http://dawningscustomjewelry.blogspot.ca

Email:  DawningCustomDesign@gmail.com