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The Curio Traders Of Africa

Hi, This is another video I have done on a craft market or flea market

Curio dealers are a common sight around the popular tourist places in Africa.

This video highlights some street traders in Sandton South Africa

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Just to push your thought buttons a little bit here…

Those of you who have a shop or are regulars on craft markets should consider setting up a meeting to buy the popular items wholesale and resell them.

Sell the stock on Ebay or on a specific website for decorators, or gifts… Great idea huh?

Like any market, traders will come and go, so if you were looking for something specific, please contact myself for the email addresses of a few of these traders. See the link below

Setting up a continuous supply system across continents will be a big help to everyone involved.


If you were one of the traders on this market – you are welcome to get a full page explaining what you offer in a lot more detail that what I have done here so far.


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To see the other markets videos click here

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