There are so many ways I can approach these easy crafts ideas to make and sell so I decided to make sure I did the answer with all those words in the reply.

You see an easy craft is not always the best one to sell.

People are not very pleased to buy a craft item or handmade product that looks like it was made with little or no effort at all.

Therefore the idea is to find the perfect balance between items that are relatively easy to design and manufacture and yet still sell like mad.

If you are active on the forums, you will read that jewellery is always a best seller, so if you want to take the safest route then jewellery would probably be the best option.

However there was something I saw when I was putting together the course I recently finished on how to really do proper research into what the best craft items are to sell, and that fact I discovered was that there are other products that are selling very well.

Now the balance between easy and best seller is debatable because everybody will have different skill levels.

The best thing would be to do real research, go to a few craft markets and see what they are selling.

Then go to a big mall and look for items there that could be potential craft items.  The big décor stores will give you the best ideas there, as a decorating craft idea can often be an easy idea to try.

This would be things like lampshades, light fittings and candle holders.

Currently, there seems to be a big trend towards cut out wooden items and everywhere you look there are variations of things that are either cut using a sort of laser cutter or the old-fashioned scroll saw methods.

I saw the start of the trend around four or five years ago in the big crafting trade shows where the computer-driven cutters were there in the dozens.

I was tempted to buy one myself.

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So how are you going to really find that balance between an easy to make and still easy to sell craft?

The truth is that it will require a bit of research. If you just chose the third idea you saw in the images section on a Google search – you are taking a massive chance.

If you are planning this as a long term business, then I suggest a real system, and I have a detailed course that you could use to learn how to do that craft product research.

If you are just looking for a short term idea, for a school market or perhaps just to earn enough to get the latest play station, then you can take a few research shortcuts.

Start with a keyword search, like you have done to find me.

Then write down ideas, like lampshades, bracelets, watches, shoes – whatever, and search for them (the ideas I am talking about here) in the images section.

Whenever you notice new ideas try to think of different ways that you could manufacture those items, like using fabric instead of leather, or wood instead of steel.

Then take those ideas of yours and visit a few craft markets to see if anyone else is doing that sort of craft.

Finally, and this is the most important, do real keyword research on the free Google keyword tool to see if people are looking up that item to buy.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the perfect product.

In fact once you do, and are starting to manufacture, come back and email me and get me to do a featured page on your product right here on this website.