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The BrightWater Commons Flea Market

Hi, This is another video I have done on a craft market or flea market

This one is a very well established flea market in Randburg and is open 6 days a week.

Please click the link below to go to their website

More Pictures Below


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Well established markets are always a great thing | Randburg flea market is no exception

I hope you have enjoyed my little video and all the images that I took on the day.

The best part about well established flea markets are that many of the traders are well settled and have products that they know sell well and stock all the coolest stuff for you.

They would have been there for a long time (some of them) and they generally have a very good selection of gifts.

Be honest, that is the main reason we go to a flea market.

Ok, and when we are bored and want to buy something cheap and fun.

Please click the link below to go to their WEbsite

Randburg Flea Market

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