I Got and Email about some crafting tips and thought I should share the next thoughts I had with you

Craft Blogging


You see, I got the email from Stumbleupon and it led me to a post that was fun, but sent me onward through the links to another website.

That next level site was also a great post about the crafting thing I was interested in – it was a cool craft item with a very nice tutorial on how to do the craft item. I followed the links to the original site that did the post and that original tutorial and that was what made me realize that I had done what Google’s spiders do – followed all the links to the source like following a trail of breadcrumbs.

Linking is exactly what makes Google know what we do, those links teach the Google spiders to see what we do.

It is that trail of links via other craft related websites that tells Google that your product (your website) is about stuff that you wrote about.

Now there are dozens of cool ways to get that link love from the internet, some are natural ways – the best really – and others can be built or encouraged to be created.

That is not what I am here to tell you or tech you today. I could but not now :).

I made a short video explaining how this craft website used the links etc –  it is in a bit more detail.


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