I always notice great examples of art and crafts that work well from what I expect from a business idea – An art or craft idea that will sell well.

Fork Art

You see, I believe that art should be both fun and profitable and when I see something that I would love to try, I always go and see if it would be profitable too.

This one would definitely be profitable. (to read more about profitable crafts that will sell well online go here)

I made a 6 minute video about how the thinking I go though each time I see a cool idea like this, and you will see that originally it is just an idea, and sooner or later I do some research to see if it will actually work – financially.

It will I have used images from the forkart website. Click that link to go and see how cool his work is. You will not be sorry.

Here is the video

I have been on a mission lately with getting this message out there to artists and crafters – working from home can be scary and you need to have a system that is fun, profitable and still makes your a decent living – crafting can earn you that income from home.

To read some more about how to find that perfect craft idea that you would still enjoy doing and then selling a ton of that item and have a successful business…

Sell a craft product for a profit both online and at the craft markets