Before you are subjected to my ranting – watch this story about two different crafters

 craft arrows :)I am always out there looking for crafters to help.

I have just done a small video that is a story, and tells a very important thing about some crafters – a very important story.

While I tell the story with a smile, and allow that you are probably not that sort of crafter, I do meet them everyday. I find them on the forums, on social media and in the line at the till at my local shopping center.

This is a small rant – sorry

I do not know why so many people think they do not ever need to try to keep on educating themselves anymore.

99% of people when asked will say that they are open to learning new skills everyday.

But then when I offer them a free three video course that will help them double their sales, they tell me they are too busy and do not have the time to do “that”

Go figure…

When I go to the actual craft markets and start chatting to the crafters that are selling their goods on the markets, they are friendly as hell, BUT…

As soon as I email them or encourage them to do anything marketing related they all seem to go lame and unable to do anything.

While it is not my problem and is theirs, it is sad to see a person who is aware of the fact that they need to do more effort to sell more, and yet cannot do the smallest thing to start to boost their sales of their crafts.

 Right now I do not have a specific course I feel you should start with but you can do this…

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