craft ideasIf you are a crafter that does crafts just for fun, you do not need to research at all.

In fact, we can be inspired just by looking at images on Pinterest, Google images and Etsy.

However if you are a crafter doing this to make a profit a few research tips will always come in handy.

First Research start off point – Grab Stats

This is just to see you have the right basic direction.

I normally see if there are any stats for that particular type of product. You could do a simple Google search for stats on a specific site too.
That is where I started, and was interested to see the numbers there

See these stats that I found on their website…

Top Ten Craft Segments Woodworking/Wood Crafts ($3.322 billion)

  • Drawing ($2.078 billion)

  • Food Crafting ($2.001 billion)

  • Jewellery Making ($1.446 billion)

  • Scrapbooking & Memory Crafts ($1.440 billion)

  • Floral Decorating ($1.303 billion)

  • Crocheting ($1.062 billion)

  • Card Making ($1.040 billion)

  • Home Décor Crafts – Non-Sewing ($948 million)

  • Wedding Crafts ($803 million)

Second checking tool – Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a perfect place to see if people are actually looking up that exact item.

It is the perfect place to see which keywords are being searched for and then to treat those keywords like queues of buyers. They really are just that – buyer queues!
Naturally you might need a bit of knowledge on how to dig deeper into keyword research to find those product idea gems, but I have covered a bit of it in the attached video. (the video is at the bottom of this page)
Start with a core keyword, like woodworking, wood crafts and then choose a potential buyer keyword from that top level search and dig deeper.
Combine it with the third tool/tip and you should be onto a winner.

Third Research tool – Craft count

This is a fantastic website –

research tips
It is so full of amazing details that can only help your crafting business along.

You can compare Jewellery to woodworking, see what is selling and then take that back to the keyword tool in Google to verify that it is true.
From here you take your research across to Etsy and see the exact items that are in the bests sellers range and refine your ideas as you go along.
DO NOT copy outright; remember that people are looking for original crafted items


Summary – Researching for profit tips

The idea was to find a viable market, in a crafting niche that you are capable of competing.

Then you seek out broad niche topics.

Using the keyword tool you narrow it down to specific items.

You then cross check that those items are selling well on places like Etsy.

Finally you dig deeper (for that specific item) in the keyword tool, to know which keyword to target on your website.

You should have a hosted website to make this work the best.

Then you create keyword rich topical content, and share that content on the biggest social media platforms, naturally wht the links to your selling page at the bottom of every bit of content you share.

That – if you did it every second day – is all you need to have a very successful craft business running for you and your family.

Good luck with it all.



Another Bonus source of crafting information can be found here –

This image is more stats from the Craft and hobby website

Crafting Ideas


Video with a bit more detail in the keyword research department