I am on a diet myself and I know this feeling as yesterday I tried in a jacket that I last put on when I was 10 KG’s heavier.

It felt very strange to float around inside the Jacket.

So, it made me go and hunt some Giant Jumpers and show you how you too could feel like you were on a diet 🙂

Enjoy them…

Giant Jumper Number One

image from  – http://www.giantjersey.co.nz/History.htm


Giant Jumper Number two


Image from  –


Giant Jumper Number Three

Image from  – http://2sides2points.com/11-reasons-your-hand-knit-sweaters-dont-fit/

Giant Jumper Number Four

Image from  – https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilike/sets/72157621921920646/

Giant Jumper Number Five

Image from  – http://www.vahakn.co.uk/project/something-to-make-you-feel-small/

Giant Jumper Number Six

OK!!!! OK, I know that this one is not a giant one per say – but it is a giant one in another manner LOL

Image from  – http://ldnfashion.com/news-features/top-10-worst-christmas-jumpers/

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