creative resale comsell old craft itemsRecycling or Upcycling your old craft and art supplies has always been a problem.

We know that we need to move the piles and piles of collected art supplies and crafting supplies.

Yet, it still sits there collecting dust.

I have the perfect solution for you.

You see, until now there has never been a place or website that is JUST for that recycling and Upcycling of your clutter.

I found a website where you can go and sell your excess or unwanted items and get back some cash so you can go and buy more new stuff all over again.

I joke, but at the same time it is true. Sometimes we start a type of craft or style of art that we do not like and all the things that we bought to get started will just sit there forever. Now you can sell them and clear a new place for something else.

To see the website   – VISIT CREATIVE RESALE

Let me not talk too much here about this.

I made a video 

Please watch it.

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