Social media is vitally important to all aspects of marketing your craft products online

craft products that will sell wellWith this in mind, I have been building the outside social elements that I need to get the best results out of marketing my own crafting website.

I started the Facebook page first and recently followed that with a group page on LinkedIn.

Today I got to add a group page on Google Plus.

To be honest I am going to add two different Google plus pages, but you will never need to do that.

Why have I done two pages?

Well my website designing business – which is where I was getting my mentoring and website building clients from, has a YouTube channel with over 100 000 views and I didn’t want to lose the power of the links that I gain from there.

However I did still want a new fresh crafting group on G Plus.

Look this is enough chatter already, so let me just finish with how important it is to have a Google plus page.

You need – and I mean really need to know how to make hangouts that are keyword orientated for really powerful leads.

This new group on Google plus is there just for me to start to do a few hangouts over the next few weeks.

Join the group here if you like – Crafters On Fire Google Plus Group

I plan to add about two a week for around 4 weeks.

This should get me an extra 500 targeted visitors a day after around 2 months. If I do not hit that traffic target I will just keep on adding Google Hangouts to my group and sooner or later Google will notice what I am doing and send me people.

How beautiful will that be?

All of this so I can target the keywords relating to crafts that sell, or crafting products that will sell, keywords like that

For now, I did a new hangout just to launch the group.

Oh before you go to watch the video here is a link to a free course that will teach you how to do hangouts for keyword orientated leads –

Here is the video for that hangout  – see below