If you are selling anything online, a craft, jewelry – ANYTHING! – You need to be listed in as many of the good places as you can. is not secret that the more exposure you get from showing off your products the more business you will do.

UR Crafti is a website based business that helps you get those quality listings and will expose your crafts and your art to many thousands of people.

In my opinion the relevant back link to your website is actually more valuable that the product itself, and you are allowed to link out from your listing.

You see Google will value those links from this site – because it is niche relevant.

OK, I am chatting away like a maniac and not mentioned the main reason for this posting.

UR CRafti has changed one of the biggest parts of their site. 

I made you a video that explains it better, and highly suggest that you watch the video AND visit the website.

Here is a link to the website direct –

And then here is the video I made for you

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