Hi there! I do not really need to do a lot of talking here, but really should have done this post awhile ago.

My Bad 🙂

You see the free 4 video crafting course has been live for awhile now, and I have been a little too busy to come here and tell you all about it.

It is actually very simple. I help so many crafters and new small home business owners and every time we have to cover the same fundamental elements about how to make crafting a financial success.

Most people who are crafters learn how to do the marketing of those crafts by simply seeing others selling their goods on the markets.

The busier you get as a crafter the more likely you are frequenting craft markets, the more likely you start to think you are an expert.

Once you think you can “beat” those other crafters on the markets, by sort of duplicating what they are doing – and then even worse – actually copy them and set up your own stall or booth, you are likely on a downward path of less sales.

If you knew how to research the really profitable crafts, then best places to sell them etc, your business could actually sell 10 to 100 times more.

I promise you that this is true.

BUT, none of those old ducks at the local craft market will tell you these facts – even IF they knew them.

So, I made a few videos that cover the basics you need to know about setting up a real crafting business.

and the good news is that it is free.

I could have sold it, but in truth it is better for me to do it this way because I help more people and those that are serious will come back to me for more detailed training if they ever need that.

So, stop reading this and click on the link and go and get your copy.

In fact – the pop up should have bothered you a long time ago 🙂

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