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Please read below for many types of crafting


This website is dedicated to crafters and their crafting skills.

I have been a crafter for somewhere around 40 years and while I have tried many crafts for fun I have also made my living from quite a few of them. With that in mind I planned this website as a resource for crafters who are either considering selling their products or who are already selling their products.

I already have another page explaining how I plan to serve up the help and community spirit right here on this site – you can go and read that page at this link



The Types of Craft I Would Like To Focus on First

I have already written a free report on how to find buyers for your knitting products and am more than likely going to focus on the more popular crafts first.

I will try to group the types of crafts together and hope not to upset you if I get the grouping wrong.

I will list those groups in more detail here below, and link to a page that will become the core page for that group of crafts – Scroll down if you are in a hurry




I have many different crafts explained here on this page, so you are going to need to scroll down for a long time to get to the end.

However I cannot do it all other way, as the entire aim of this website is to allow every type of craft to have their own share of the limelight. I need to have a place for each individual type of craft.



Crafting Explained

Crafting is the creation of products or items that are either functional or decorative or both and are created from a vast variety of materials using tools, skill and techniques.

Crafting types could be grouped into functional and decorative, but on this website I am going to group the crafting types into large groups

I am going to try to keep the groups listed in order of search popularity, so for example Origami will feature very high but a skill like “Goldsmith” will be lower down the lists.


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