All the details on how to get a premium WordPress website Installed

Get a premium WordPress website set up for you – Find out more below.


The training I do for you on the email newsletter covers a lot of different ways for you to make money online and many of those require that you need a decent website.

The ONLY way is to have a self-hosted website. This would be where you get hosting and then set up a website on that hosting. You then OWN that website and its contents and are in total control.

With other platforms available online like Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and more you run the risk of them removing your website if THEY think you might have violated their terms and conditions.

Now, I am not saying that they will do so, but I say that it is far better to be in total control of your business content online.

It is true that if you are a really bad sinner online that your hosting company can cancel your hosting, and if that happened you would just move to a new hosting platform.



What do I offer you?

If you use my affiliate link to get your hosting then I will do the following things for you. (if you already have hosting, you could order this service from me for $150.00)


I will set up your email addresses. You can do up to 10 of those.

I will install WordPress.

I will configure all the basic settings for you. This would be to a “best practices” setup for good SEO.

I will install and configure your plugins. This changes and differs over time but for now will include the following plugins.

  • W3 Total Cache
  • A2 Optimized WP – This one sets the W3 to a best practices setting.
  • Akismet – anti-Spam
  • Better Search – The standard WordPress search version is really bad.
  • Cookie Notice – To protect you re online laws
  • Google analytics – Tracing the activity on your site
  • Google XML sitemaps. – Helping google track and then rank your website
  • Simple Silo Builder. – This is massive for SEO
  • WP affiliate disclosure – FTC compliance.
  • WPSSO Core – Core SEO settings
  • WPSSO schema – More SEO stuff
  • WPSSO Json – Also SEO (all the WPSSO help for social media marketing done right)
  • Plus 2 premium plugins from Elegant themes.


I will install the Elegant themes Divi Theme for you. But you need to confirm in writing that you would like that to be so. While it is BY FAR my theme of choice, it will force you to use the elegant themes builder forever even if you change themes in the future. I still highly recommend this theme.

You will get access to training. You will have permanent access to over 100 training videos about the Divi theme.




What you DO NOT get from me.

I do not do any of the following

Keyword research


silo structure planning

Page creation.

If you really do need help you could order your content and website via my services and I will find qualified people to build it for you.

I do however highly suggest that you take the time and trouble to learn how to add pages and edit them. It does seem daunting in the beginning, but is not that hard once you get started. At that point it becomes easy and cheap for you to add pages at will.



Make sure that you actually need a website. Do the training on my website to choose the best business possible for your business idea.



Use this website to choose a domain name if you do not yet know what you wish to call your business.


Use my affiliate link to go and buy your domain and get your hosting. You will choose shared hosting and then I suggest that you get the Swift package. Don’t forget to use the coupon if they have one at the time you are there.


When you have completed that, contact me via the contact page and I will send you details to follow.


I then set up your cPanel, Install wordpress, do the other tasks and when all that is done, I send you confirmation and links to the detailed training so you can carry on building your website.

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