Hello and welcome to this craft orientated website – This is all for crafters by crafters. It will be a combined effort to sell what we make!

The main focus of this website will be to give crafters who are creating products to sell a better chance of selling their products. I will give you so many different opportunities to get more from your marketing efforts that you will be able to create more and have a thriving business

Please see each of these sections down below where I will try to explain everything that I have either already created for you, or plan to do so very soon


Crafting For A Profit

This will be just as I said – a focused website here to help you streamline all your marketing efforts in the fastest and simplest way possible.

The intent is to then allow you more time to create the products that the increased orders will bring you.

I will be creating and finding a lot of tips and tricks that you could use to set your business up for the best supply of leads for your product.

I will do research into every different crafting and work from home niche to bring you the results without having to bother to try to learn details that you might not need, or will desperately need. I will do all that for you.

Your Product Featured

One of the very first things I will be doing is allowing craters who are serious about their website the opportunity to gain powerful back links from my website.

I will allow a variety of exposure for your product right here on this site. I will have a more detailed page that will layout for you all the rules and structures that you will be allowed to have on this website.

Is this to actually sell your crafts from here?

NO! An emphatic no, it is simply for you to get three massive benefits from this. You get the back links – very powerful, you get exposure to other crafters who will therefore be able to set up joint projects together and you will get authority within your chosen crafting niche.

See the full detailed page here

Featured Crafters

I am going to be doing as many interviews with crafters as I can. The idea will be for all of us to have a very large store of videos where we could go and see how others are doing crafting and work from home businesses.

As of right now, I have been building this site for over 7 months – and will be interviewing almost everyone who would like to be featured, but in the future it will be per niche and a few other restrictions.

There will soon be many dozens of interviews for all of us to enjoy – and those who are featured gain more back links. Google Love 🙂

to see the detailed page click the link below

A Community Forum

While this forum is actually at the very heart of what this website is all about, it will not open for awhile, until we have enough visitor traffic.

I plan a forum where all crafters and other work from home business owners can get together and simply share and discuss everything that they feel that they can either help others, or need help on.

I am looking forward to this department more than any other, but it will need to be on hold for a few weeks.

I will need moderators and a lot more to be able to do all the work. In fact if you are reading this and feel you would enjoy being a moderator then you are welcome to contact me to discuss the idea

Authority Craft Authors

While I am very experienced in a lot of things relating to crafting and the marketing of crafts, I am very far from being a specialist in most crafting niches.

I have done at least a dozen different types of crafting, and even earned my living in a half a dozen of those, I will need real specialists.

Those of you who love to write and are able to do magazine quality stories are welcome to put your hand up and become that niche specialist right here on this website.

I will be vetting those carefully, as there are a limited number of niches and I would prefer to keep the standards of a very high quality.

Your Own Courses

If you teach crafting and have your own courses I will consider allowing you to add your courses here on this site.

It would obviously be affected by a large number of things, but the whole idea of this site is to help other crafters and by teaching we can help a lot faster.

Message me with your ideas. In fact if you were thinking about doing a series of training videos or something, message me anyway – perhaps i can guide you there.

I Hope that everything I have explained to you here on this page is clear.

I am left with just three things to do then…

Give you a link to contact me

Contact Rob Right Here