Featured Artist - Sculptor Bets de Bruyn

I am a sculptor.

When I look at objects; especially stone,  but also wood, twisted pieces of wire, well almost anything,  I see things.  I like saying that the stone tells me what it wants to be.  Sometimes people look at me strangely, sometimes they just look at me, and sometimes they laugh.  Sometimes people understand.

While I make the sculpture I normally have a phrase that keeps circling in my mind, this is usually the direction the sculpture takes.  The sculptures are a relatively direct link to my experience of life.  This is the way I can comment on what I perceive as important at a specific time.

Sometimes while I am busy with the sculpture, I will catch myself smiling, even giggling, and that to me is the indication that what I am busy with is worthwhile.  That is the reason I do sculpture, for those rare times when I smile because I know it is good.

Discussion of a few sculptures:

  1. Leap of Faith


This sculpture represents how we make excuses not to do things, we are too old, too young, too poor, too rich, too busy, and we can count them on the objects hanging from underneath the sculpture.  The figure has taken the leap, leaving all the excuses behind. ” Just do it.”

  1. The Artist

The Artist View 1

This sculpture represents the artist as a slaughtered animal hanging from a hook with its guts spilling out, defenceless and stripped of all protection.  It is not supposed to be disgusting, but a bit gaudy, a bit overdone, because that is what the artist gives, more than expected or sometimes, understood.

3. Serenity


This sculpture gives a feeling of serenity.  To me, it is the feeling you have when you are in touch with nature.  The face tries to be as close as possible to the piece of wood which represents nature.

  1. Perception


We all have perceptions of ourselves, other people and situations, and this perception is mostly a bit distorted.  We also carry a halo; we very seldom believe that we can be wrong, but sometimes this halo slips and we wear it like a necklace.

  1. Social Media

Social Media

This sculpture represents how we interact with technology.  We have become inextricably entwined with our electronic gadgets and our lives are two-dimensional as a result; we live in a short burst of byte size bits of information.

  1. The Whisper

The Whisper

This sculpture is about the way men and woman are linked, he has a heart shape on his chest made of tv remote buttons, but she wears the electronic motherboard.

He whispers something in her ear and she throws back her head laughing.

  1. Knowledge of Good and Evil


The moment you wake up you remember your dream but almost immediately the dream starts to fade until only the feeling remains.  It is in that moment of clarity that we have the knowledge of good and evil.

  1. Collective Conscience

Consience 1

The correct term is collective consciousness.  I adjusted this to Collective Conscience because I believe we will have to be more conscious about nature and grow a conscience where animals are concerned.  We have to become part animal like the shamans of old in their dreamlike state.  This they did for the good of their people, understanding that we are a part of nature and the one cannot survive without the other.  (Yea, okay, nature will survive without humans…)

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Bets de Bruyn

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