The Print On Demand POD – Short Cut Course

Please read all this very carefully – It is Important


I need you to know that POD or Print on demand is my chosen income method online.
When I contracted fibromyalgia and realized that stress was affecting my health, I took my 10 years of online marketing experience and used it to choose the perfect way for me to make money online without any stress levels at all. Even more important this method is one that can grow and grow in scale and make you very rich.

Now I NEVER wanted to teach you an short-cut version of how to do this type of online marketing, as I am a firm believer that you need decent training and grounding if you are ever going to be very successful at anything.

But, life continues to force me to do things I do not like to do and this short-cut course is one of them. You see, I do not like people that think it is easy to do things and are continually trying to find easy ways to do things badly.
But even a bigger But, is that I have to admit one thing…
People with Fibromyalgia sometimes have very low energy to get started with any form of online income systems.
Hence, I set up this short-cut course knowing that if you follow what I say here you might still have a chance of getting it right and making money fairly quickly.

I say this, follow the training and get started, and at the same time start the fuller more detailed training in the full complete POD training (see it on the dashboard – Training Menu) and that way you can see if you made any serious mistakes before you are 6 months into this method and you could be earning triple of what you are earning from it.

The links to all the sites that are mentioned inside this training are at the very bottom of the page


The Image as a guide

A few POD examples

The Video Training

Print on demand short cut course –Video 1 Introduction

Print on demand short cut course –Video 2 how POD should be done

Print on demand short cut course –Video 3 shortcut method explained

Print on demand short cut course –Video 4 when do I start to make money

Print on demand short cut course –quick videos 1 research

Print on demand short cut course –quick videos 2 finding elements

Print on demand short cut course –quick videos 3 designing and publishing

Print on demand short cut course –quick videos 4 social media

Print on demand short cut course –quick videos 5 start to finish in one video

Inside the video training I visit a lot of different sites that you might need when you start setting up the properties that you need.

I have complied a list of links here for your reference so you can get there faster.

Keyword and niche research


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