All the big and popular ways that people make money online explained

This is NOT an actual training page. THIS IS NICHE RESEARCH.


What I have done for you on this page is to go over, in a series of videos, all the popular ways that you can make money online.

I feel very strongly that you need to know and have a basic understanding of the online business types for you to make an informed decision on which way you want to go when you start any sort of online business.


WATCH ALL THESE VIDEOS – It is only when you know that you LOVE CPA marketing, OR love Kindle writing – or whatever (once you get a basic understanding of what it all entails) can you then get going on your online business system/type/style/idea/method.


An extra hour or two “wasted” here in the beginning of your online journey will more than likely save you a ton of time down the line when you realize that you hate XYZ and decide to stop and try another online marketing method.

I made 21 videos for you all as a general overview of the popular ways that you can try to make money online.




I tried very hard to keep them all under 10 minutes – and when you get to know me better you will see how hard that was for me.

The videos are listed below and I added the mind-map image that I used for the videos for you so you could look at the image and skip down to the videos that might be of more interest to you.



These videos are not training – but just an overall niche research training overview.



Therefore they are open for the public to see and you will need to be a member to then go inside to see the training videos for each of the methods that I talk about here in these videos.


EDIT HERE – 2021

These videos were originally published on my Fibromyalgia site, where I help people with any form of chronic pain issues.

The really good news is that the videos will obviously still be applicable to everybody.



1 – make money online – Introduction

3 – make money online – Know my BIAS.

5 – make money online – Affiliate site

7 – make money online – Writing for a living

9 – make money online – Site Flipping

11 – make money online – Your Own courses

13 – make money online – Software or SaaS

15 – make money online – Offline marketing – local search

17 – make money online – Social media marketing

19 – make money online – Classified sites

21 – make money online – PLR products

2 – make money online – Know everything before you begin

4 – make money online – Authority site

6 – make money online – Print on demand

8 – make money online – ecommerce

10 – make money online – Membership sites

12 – make money online – Bundles

14 – make money online – CPA

16 – make money online – SEO and related services

18 – make money online – Directories

20 – make money online – Video Marketing

Big 2020 Update

Hi everybody

It is 2020 now and very big things are happening (as always) online at the moment.

You are watching training videos on my site that already has over 400 videos.

Recently I started the “short-cut” courses because all the core courses are complete.

What am I telling you here?

Three of the BIG online places are all favoring fresh content and constant activity.

Pinterest – Etsy – Google.

It has been a very long time since you could “just add content” and actually get rankings on the search engines.

Now you can

If you combine three of my latest short-cut courses and then do what I list below there is a very big chance that you can be making a full time living in 1 third of the time (as per what I have been saying in all the older videos)

Those three courses are…

Short cut POD

Short cut Pinterest

Short cut Blogging

(you do not need to do POD and could just do affiliate marketing instead)

Create a core website – IE niche and keyword specific.

Add the 15 or 20 core silo pages

Then do this…

Blog posts 2x a day

Share each one of those posts on Pinterest with 10 variation pins per post.

Share all of that on all your other social media places.

Don’t stop.

That’s it.

Obviously I cannot guarantee this, but if you are sceptical, you can follow along as I try to do what I say here.

(I am already stuttering along at half speed because I have other businesses and do these courses etc)

But I am still sure that it will work 100%



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