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This page is just an introduction to this Crafting web business of mine and a chance for me to tell you all about me. WATCH THE VIDEO 🙂

You have just opted in to get a report or course of mine and I need to be 100% certain that you are happy.

Everything I do either relates to Crafting, online marketing or Work From Home Businesses.

I have a lot of products online, and would like to tell you that all the free reports will get sent to you one per day via my emails that I will be sending you

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All The Free Reports

I mentioned in the video above that I will give you all the download links to all my free reports without you needing to actually opt in to the email system every time.

However it caused me a bit of a headache to try to keep all the pages in the emailing system working with constant additions of new free reports and free courses. I much prefer to keep my life simple.

So I have decided to send you a free report or a free course every day for the next few days until you have been shown all the stuff that I currently have online. This will be done via the emails that I will send you everyday (for now – after that they will not be so many)

I know that I chat a lot, and you will see that in the emails 🙂 –  so if you are a person in a rush, just scroll down to the bottom of each email everyday and get the link that I will put in there for you.

My Main Crafting Course

This course below is one that I have put all my tips and skills into on how to sell on the craft markets

It is 6 or 8 reports that are extremely full of valuable tips on starting to really ramp up your craft sales.

This line is one you will have to remember and quote to me when you email me.

If you buy below using this link, and then email me telling me that you have paid (add some proof) and then I will send you The premium course of the get-more -leads course, I will send you the premium course for the Tumblr course, plus a copy of the research your craft course for free.

Plus I will build you a premium WordPress website (3 pages) for free. (I will ask you to use my hosting affiliate link – if you do not yet have hosting)

Finally on top of all that I will add 65 WordPress/Divi training videos for free.

How is that for a special offer? Cool huh?

Go and buy a copy now – email me and let us get all this done for you

Are You in a Hurry? – Would you like to buy right now?

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