Well This Page is officially the welcome page – so let me take this opportunity to tell you what you can expect from being a new member of the Newsletter /email list of mine.

Firstly let me tell you the truth. I do not really have a fixed plan for what I will offer you.

  • I will try to do a new video every week on a craft market or flea market.
  • I will be adding new pages from any crafter who has a cool product and wants a free page to showcase their stuff.
  • I will Try to find interesting people to interview once a week.
  • I will do my very best to create at least one new free course a month for you to have.
  • I will occasionally suggest services and products that I think might help your crafts sell better online
  • I will try to refrain from posting my cooking recipes here
  • I will probably be sending you random messages that do not really relate to anything – I would like to say that I am sorry that i am going to do that, but that would not really be true. I do plan to chat about whatever is in my head sometimes.


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