Find the easiest way to discover wood craft ideas to sell both online and on the craft markets

wood crafterI went and did a video hangout for you showing you some cool methods to research some easy ways to research craft products, especially wood crafts.

I went and made a second video at the same time where I did  a review on a really great resource for wood plans.

The idea is for those of you who are interested in combining your skills for making wood products, with my skills for showing you the best niche ideas for your business.

See the Video for the Method to find wood craft ideas to make and sell at the bottom of this post

I always encourage every small business owner or crafter to have at least two streams of income, and if you do woodcraft that will be easy to do.

You simply have a website and perhaps an Etsy store where you can generate sales. Then you add a range of wooden product that you sell on the craft markets.

Cabinet making


I always explain things in my videos the longer way and I  do not apologise for that and hope that by watching the video you will get some better ideas on how to find really great wooden craft niche ideas.

Before you watch the video I would like to point you to two other page I have …

One – I do have a page that you can visit that will show you 9 really good methods of finding or researching the best craft ideas out there. See that here

Plus I have another page that details quite a lot of  finding craft ideas that will sell well online

OK, here is the video – thanks for watching it – Please share this if you found it helpful – It will help me 🙂