A really big Update – January 2021

This post on SEO was written way back in 2014.

Most of what is in there is valid today. BUT, as you can imagine, a lot has changed too.

WOW – most of the search numbers are 10x more today. Amazing

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Cool pumpkins – have a nice day!

Today I wanted to just show you the difference between two very diverse crafting niches and how your research will change when researching them.

Crafted wooden cartIf you are a business person and you are crafting to sell, then research is always important

(Side Note – I also made a video – so if you would rather watch the video please scroll to the bottom of this page and watch the video there)

As always, I will tell you that the best research tool by far is the Google Keyword planner.

But, today I decided to show you have the planner does not give you the direct results you are looking for.

What I did was to compare Knitting with Woodworking

Now as you can imagine they are vastly different, and as per the video I made yesterday the wood crafting side appears to be a much more popular seller. However what we do not know is if normal furniture manufacture are built into those big numbers (billions of $ per annum)

So I went into two websites that will perhaps give me more accurate results or numbers.

I compared the sales at Craft count first…

Craftcount has a fantastic interface that allows us to see which sellers are doing well with their Etsy stores.

Just to interrupt myself here, yesterday I telephoned one of those top selling stores and asked them outright if their Etsy store was their biggest income source, and I was told that it was around 50% of their orders. The other orders came from their website, and wholesale orders.

If you look at the following two images you will see the results I got.

Each ones shows the top sellers on Etsy in those niches, woodworking and Knitting

Top crafting sellers at Etsy Top selling craft suppliers at Etsy


Both Images are from Craft Count

Please note that the woodcraft items are selling up to 3 times more products.

Plus if you watch my video (see it below) you will notice that a few of the knitting top sellers are not even selling knitting products. Interesting.

Now let us go to the next research tool

The Google keyword tool – always a favorite of mine

Now as I expected I was never going to get a direct result from just searching for the keywords “Woodworking” and “Knitting”Both searches are going to come up with all the related keywords like wood working tools, and knitting machines.

I then ran down the results and found the first Buying related keyword in those results and did more research from there.

I need to point out to you here that if I was researching for a client or for myself, I would add in a lot of other “gift” related searches. Very often you will get far more sales from a keyword like “what to buy him” than looking up wooden wine racks.

Have a look at theses two images to see the comparison.

Comparing two craft niches Comparison between 2 craft niches

 Well that pretty much cover what I wanted to show you today – If you would like a bit more detail, I have a video around 10 minutes long that has a bit more details that what I have written here.

click below to watch the video