A really big Update – January 2021

This post on SEO was written way back in 2014.

Most of what is in there is valid today. BUT, as you can imagine, a lot has changed too.

I am not going to redo this page as I have newer versions all over this site.

If you would like to know what the latest trends are, how you can do small tweaks to your site – one at a time – and start to see real results over time, then go to the home page and subscribe to the newsletter (email list).

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You are still welcome to read more on this page about Search Engine Optimisation and watch the video.

Cool pumpkins – have a nice day!

what is seoJust asking what is SEO is probably a sign that you have realized that it is something you need on your website.

I get that you do not really want to learn how to do this, and there is only three choices…

  • Not doing it at all – and then that would mean that you website gets no visitors and therefore no orders.
  • Or Doing it yourself – there is a small learning curve and an initial amount of work, but once that is learned, mastered and complete – the maintenance is easy and take little time.
  • Or – you pay someone to do it all for you.

I am not going to push you in any direction -you need to decide that for yourself.

BUT – Have just made a video that goes a little way to telling you what you need to do from an SEO point of view.

Those of you who are already experienced in keyword research and content creation need not watch – but anyone else who wonders how to get those buyer leads for your business needs to see this.


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