garage sales yard salesCrafters are natural hoarders

Yard sales and Collectible/garage sales are a great way to work from home and move your lower quality craft stock

In fact it is a perfect way for crafters to realize extra funds for your next crafting project

The idea is for you to combine all those old never used items in your home, with those craft projects that you have completed and would like to clear out to free up some cash for your next great idea.

We are all the same, if we could have a 10 bedroom home, we would still manage to fill it fairly quickly.

You see we are normally unable to throw away those left over bit and off cuts, thinking that we could use them in a future project.

And normally we can!

Why not throw a yard sale?

You know that if we look hard we could easily put together a very nice yard sale at least once a year. If you use your noggin you could do it around the festive season as a lot of the crafts that you have to sell would be very nice gifts.

Plus if done properly, your quarterly yard sales might very well become a very popular event in your neighborhood.

There are a few things that you need to know when doing a decent yard sale.

  • Let everyone know well in advance. Put up decent signs
  • Collect a LOT of items
  • Price most at bargain prices
  • Organize your items
  • Try to have around a third of your items your own crafts
  • You will not get top prices for you craft items at a yard sale, but you will move those 90% quality items at cost plus, if you display them correctly

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Want a few nice garage sale tips? Video below

Look at this video that shows some easy to apply tips for a successful garage or yard sale

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