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Fiction or non-fiction, short stories or full series. Children’s books to how-to-books will all sell very well if you go about it in a planned manner. Come inside – and read more…

If you think that you could write stories and books for a living – please feel free to read all my comments below.

After 10 years of full-time online marketing, building over 300 websites, and teaching people how to start an online business I have finally got to the point where I can actually help you in a blunt and honest way. Why blunt and honest? The truth is that I have found out that a lot of people want all this without the work that goes with it. All I am going to do here on this site is tell you about it all. You can do the rest 🙂 No hard sell, no pushing you at all.

In my life, I have always been totally unafraid of trying anything. I am the sort of fool who will see an opportunity and take that first step with so much confidence that it is dangerous.

But, there is a good reason for that, because I have never had a fear of failure – BUT for one single thing – Writing stories.

It is the one thing I really want to do and do so well that I have a very powerful fear of failure when it comes to this subject.

Now, you might tell me to take my own advice and just start writing. And the truth is that I have written more than 30 books – all of them digital – but in my head, they are not the real thing. So, one day, look out for me following all the very wise advice I am going to give you here on this page about writing for a living. (Hopefully, by then I would have learned to spell and use basic grammar.)


Let us get started, shall we?


Description – You write fiction and nonfiction eBooks and books that will be marketed online by other websites like Amazon.

This group or section overlaps with the courses and own products described in other pages on this site.

This is perhaps the best option for making money online or offline in the world these days.

Write a decent book or five – publish it on Amazon in both eBook form and as a hardcover and softcover and do the marketing correctly and you could literally retire within a year.

This is no lie.

While there are thousands of eBooks added to Amazon every day and a massive amount of those are failing completely, there are some easy to follow basic things that you could do to be one of the winners and not a loser in this genre.

Both fiction and nonfiction authors are making very good full-time livings from simply writing books and adding them to the right places online.

You would sell more books when you have five, and 20 would be even better, but the potential here is so big I will not even be able to start to explain it properly to you in this short description here.

If you think you can write – now it the best time EVER to begin.

Before you go on to see the questions below, I would like to mention a few things.

I have been teaching people how to make a living online for a long time now. In all that time I continued to buy courses and training in every aspect of online marketing, blogging etc and writing books was always a passion of mine. For this reason, I feel that I should point out a few small details.

The writing aspect is obviously important, Duh!, but all the rest that follows right behind that is even more important if you want to actually get some money for your efforts.

I advise that you follow any links I have here on this page, or on pages, I send you too from here to do the most effort you can to get trained on the actual marketing of your books.

Then there is another important thing…

Sorry to make things even harder for you – LOL, but I would like you to take some time researching ALL the different types of writing that you can do for a living. This would be from light porn to fantasy series, to kiddies books, and so much more.

I say this because you might find yourself far down the line, and one day discover a style of writing that is so “you” and be sorry that you never researched all that properly.

Do you need a website?

Not really, but having one would help your marketing. Both free and self-hosted sites will work

Do you need any skills at all?

Duh! Some writing skills would help. But there are many bad writers who are not put off by not having those skills (see 50 Shades of GreyJ)

Do you need complicated skills?

It would not hurt to know how to do character development and stuff like that.

If you are not sure, do how-to-books in the beginning, then you just have to have decent content.

Do you need to spend money?

Not really, you can get away without spending a cent easily. But equally, if you promoted a bit with some money it would hurt

Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

You do need to know the steps to go through and the sequence proved by previous writers who have written reports etc for you to follow.

Hitting the bestsellers lists is not just a fluke and you do need to promote your book in a certain step by step plan to get that initial attention that will get you sales which will keep you on the bestsellers lists.

I do know of some great courses. Contact me for the most up to date courses.

How much income potential does this niche/method have?

Unlimited income

You could write and publish 5 books and never make a cent, or you could publish one book and retire forever. There is a definite need to do your research properly into the niche you plan to write in – but that can be made safer (risk wise) by following a set script/plan.

I have heard of school kids who are earning $2500 a month from three books.

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

Expect to work hard and write for long hours, but you will only see real money after about 60 days from first publishing. Not only that sometimes your book will not “feature” until you have 10 or 15 published, but after that you will more than likely be 100% fine (full-time income) if you did it right.

I have been dreaming about writing eBooks for publication on Kindle for years and while I do write reports – like this one – I wish I had the available time to just sit down and write 20 storybooks.

It is definitely planned for in my own personal near future.

Would I need one or many websites?

None or one at the most

Having a personal website when you are an established author is a must, and if you do not start it in the beginning, some bonehead will buy your names domain and then charge you a lot of money to get it back.

Do yourself a big favour and at the very least buy your personal names domain.

You can always install the actual site once you are published.

Like mine http://robertbruceanderson.com/

Please do not judge that site as the only fun part of the whole site is the “about me” section, the rest really needs work.

So What Now?
Read – Learn – Click

This website is not a glorified sales page.

You are supposed to learn, read, follow links, get advice and slowly find your feet.

Once you get the hang of my laid-back style and see how I am helping you, you could skip to the blog section and see what is new, what has changed, what I suggest and follow the ever-changing pulse of online marketing.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or get a beer, ad some snacks, and then settle down and start to educate yourself right here – pretty much for free.

I do not need to push you to start your business, or your part-time thing – YOU need to do that yourself.

I will simply explain it all to you, and leave the rest up to you.

The best of luck!

Where to next?

Use the menu – or follow the core links that I will list here for you below to those pages that really will help you get started with your new lifestyle.

The main source of new deals, opportunities and ideas will all come from the blog section as I post and review and do things that will help you make your income online – Please use the links below.

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