My Services

Please see what services I offer for your online business.

Please Note: I am very limited in time and for that reason reserve the right to limit the number of services I can do for clients. I will add you to a waiting list if I am fully booked at any time.

After 12 years of building client websites, doing SEO, and training clients, I can safely say that I know how to do it. I am also just a one-man business, so when I need to add outsourcing for some parts of the services I do, I will tell you upfront.

For any of these services I offer you would need to go to the contact page and send me a detailed email explaining what it is that you are interested in and we can set up a meeting to start discussing that specific service. – Thank You

Free Premium Website

This service is when you are setting up your site from scratch.

If you use my affiliate link to get your hosting then I will build out the core features needed in the initial phases of your site build.

You will get the Divi Theme included and details like your email accounts set up.


Free Website Audit

This audit is a general look into the good and bad on your website. You get the results in a list on a PDF.

This service is normally done within a 24 hour period.

Please explain this service request when contacting me.


Paid Website Audit

This website audit goes into a lot more detail and we will need to discuss how deep and how detailed you need the report to be.

Generally, this would be a detailed website issues report.

The deeper audit version would include keyword and niche research.

Starting from $150.00

Niche Research

This service is when you are setting up your online business from scratch.

It could be a consultation only or it could include me doing your actual research for your business idea.

Starting from $150.00

Keyword Research

Keyword research can be done for you in many different guises. So, this would need us to discuss the options before you order from me.

It could be for core keywords, for detailed keywords, for silos structured keyword groupings, and even for KGR keywords

Starting from $150.00

Syndication Networks

These are prebuilt social media and web 2.0 property networks built out for you so your content gets syndicated all over when you publish content.

I am addicted to the power of syndication.

This is Content Syndication on Autopilot.

Starting from $150.00

Full Premium Website

This would be a complete website for your business.

This could be for eCommerce, for a local business, an authority site, or almost anything in between. There are some types of websites I do not build.

We would need to have detailed discussions to see if we will be a good fit together

Starting from $3000.00

Google “Stacking”

Not the best description, but this is where I build a series of interconnecting Google Properties that when combined give your website and business strong rankings and signals online.

This is something that I use often for my websites and do have detailed training on most of this method in my courses.

I highly suggest this service.

Starting from $600.00

Press Releases

This is a service that gives powerful linking signals to your business overall. 

The press releases get syndicated through all the top press release sites and you do get a lot of backlinks.

This is not as powerful as they once were, but done once every 3 months will add power and VARIETY to your natural backlinks profile. This is a good thing.

$260.00 per press release

Link Building

Link building is still the most powerful way to rank your website.

The big issue is to have quality links.

Then to add 2nd tier links to those core links.

I have detailed courses telling you how to do your own link building.

Or, I could get the good guys to do it for you.

Starting from $450.00

SEO Shield

This is a compilation of the best tactics and services designed to insulate your website from any Google updates.

It combines things like Network syndication, Google stacking, and an ID page loop that together will help protect your online assets like never before.

Starting from $600.00


Here I utilize the power of embedded I-Frames to get a strong separate layer or level of links directed at your site.

Embeds are coded and treated differently than any other link.

The embeds are always credited to the source and will never carry a penalty back to your site.

Starting from $250.00