Amazon Affiliate Marketing Explained


Earn commissions from Amazon.

By simply promoting products that people WANT to buy – and referring them to Amazon, you earn money.

There are a dozen ways that you can drive clicks to products that people are looking for on Amazon, and when they buy via your link you earn a commission. See more below

This method is currently my core method of earning a living online. eCommerce affiliate marketing!

After 10 years of full-time online marketing, building over 300 websites, I finally started to build the same websites I taught people to build in my training for MYSELF.

One of the first I am building is exactly the sort of site I suggest that you try – especially if you like shopping for yourself.

This is how I am doing it.

I bought a domain with the name “store” in it. It is a WordPress self-hosted website and is connected up to the Amazons affiliate program. I am currently adding other affiliate programs to the site too. Places like eBay and Aliexpress.

For my own site I am going to set it up for long-term organic traffic from Google – but will pay for traffic, in the beginning, using Youtube ads, Adwords and Facebook ads. This will get the website ranking better too, and give me fast cash flow for the first few months until the SEO side and the social media traffic starts to bring me enough buyer traffic.

You need to know this …

When you have at least 1000 posts on Pinterest, and 1000 posts on Instagram, and 1000 products on your Facebook store and all those links back to the (more than) 1000 products on your website, and all those interlinks between at least 100 pages on your site – THEN you will be making money.

Easy huh?


Let us get started, shall we?


Description – You join Amazon’s affiliate program and promote physical products to potential buyers. This can be done through either owning websites or through social media. The options are very vast from cameras to facial creams. Amazon sells billions of dollars a year – get your share.

This group or section overlaps with the courses and own products described in other pages on this site.

This method of making money online is extremely popular and there are many hundreds of thousands of people earning a full-time income doing this.

You could either build a massive authority website in a specific niche (eg exercise equipment) and get thousands of articles etc ranked and earning for you.

Or, you could build extremely targeted small well-designed sites going for long-tailed keywords. (EG gym equipment for the over 60’s)

You could ever just market via YouTube, forums, and social sites and via article writing – but I do not suggest any lazy shortcut methods.

There are hundreds of ways to do this correctly and sadly thousands of ways to do it wrong.

Do you need a website?

I do suggest it

Do you need any skills at all?

Nope, just the ability to write and research

Do you need complicated skills?


Do you need to spend money?

Just on your website and buying traffic if you prefer that method

Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

No, a little research is enough

How much income potential does this niche/method have?

Big, but depending on your efforts and how many websites you build. Laziness is not a good thing here; you need to always be current and up to date

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

Depending on your skills in researching a niche – within a few days but probably a few weeks.

Would I need one or many websites?

Either one big one or many mini sites

How long would it take to build up a site like this?

You could set up a site with only a few pages and products and then run paid ads and be making money in days.

Or, you could add products and pages, share them on social media all day for 6 months and would (by then) be making a nice living if you have been doing it correctly.

To give you an idea on what I would charge you to build this site for you – $6000.00 So, I suggest that you follow the links I give you below for training on how to do this the right way yourself.

So What Now?
Read – Learn – Click

This website is not a glorified sales page.

You are supposed to learn, read, follow links, get advice and slowly find your feet.

Once you get the hang of my laid-back style and see how I am helping you, you could skip to the blog section and see what is new, what has changed, what I suggest and follow the ever-changing pulse of online marketing.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or get a beer, ad some snacks, and then settle down and start to educate yourself right here – pretty much for free.

I do not need to push you to start your business, or your part-time thing – YOU need to do that yourself.

I will simply explain it all to you, and leave the rest up to you.

The best of luck!

Where to next?

Use the menu – or follow the core links that I will list here for you below to those pages that really will help you get started with your new lifestyle.

The main source of new deals, opportunities and ideas will all come from the blog section as I post and review and do things that will help you make your income online – Please use the links below.

Before I add more details, I would like to add a BONUS section. If you need a website and use my affiliate link to get your hosting, I will give you so many bonuses that your head will spin for a week.

This will be for other services that I might offer, or occasionally for courses, I review and suggest that you might need. If you buy through my affiliate link again - you get similar bonuses and more. Please keep an eye out for those specials. 

My online marketing services -

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Page three is making money writing content for website owners and related opportunities. See more here on this page. Writing Content.

Page Four is writing books, or writing stories. Old fashioned writers. See more here. Writing books and selling them online.

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Page Nine - Doing affiliate marketing through Amazon (this is my own personal core income target right now)

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Please come back to see them soon.

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