Make Money Online with Your Own Products/courses/software


Do you make Courses? or Software? Products?

Your own courses or software or products are a great way to make a living online.

This method of making money is perhaps one of the most common and often because it is easiest for people to create courses and software on things that they are good at.

Let me go through some examples below and will create examples in posts to help you see ways that will work for you to use to get your business ideas going online.

Use the skills or knowledge that you already have to create courses or software, and even products to make your living online.

Perhaps I should have done three separate pages or sections for this subject, but seeing as I have got this far, I will try to cover it all on a single page.

Later as I develop this website, I will do detailed examples and ideas as posts and link it to this page. So, if you feel that you would like to see more examples of making courses and more, let me know. Agree to the push notifications or add yourself to any email options I might have here on the site, to get notified of new ideas I publish.


Let us get started, shall we?


Description – You are the “vendor” or the owner of the rights to sell these products. You create books, products, courses, videos and software and then build a website to sell those items for you. You could also add your own affiliate program where others could sell your products for a commission from your business to them.

This is the sort of business model that the “startup” guys are in to and what we lie in bed at 3 am dreaming about.

It is not actually that hard to set up or start but requires a lot more capital and commitment than just trying to earn residual income in your pyjamas.

You can compete with the very big boys if you like and even succeed easily. This model is simply creating a decent product and pricing it correctly for a hungry market.

(As opposed to a social media site – this is much more fickle)


This is the most likely to be what you can use as a business idea.

If you know anything about a niche or topic that people are looking for information online, then you can make a course.

I have made many over the years and currently have a few that are still active.

Your topics can be almost anything. Go search google for a list of Dummies books. Each of those has been sought out enough for the topic to be turned into a book for how-to-for-dummies.


This could be apps, it could be e-commerce things that you found a gap and see a need for a specific function or plugin for their sites.

But it could also be a complete software service like video bookmarking, or Creating RSS feeds from URLs and more. It could be something that gets millions of hits a month, like checking how fast a mobile site loads, or checking for broken backlinks to websites. 

Again, the ideas here are endless.

How to carve wooden spoons, or bowls.

How to start a garden service business

How to do weaves (hairstyles)

How to sell more jewellery (one of my courses)

How to make paracord products.

The ideas and opportunities are almost endless.


Now that I am deeper into telling you about the opportunities here, I can see that this section is in fact very badly titled. 

You see, your own products should fall under at least three other big categories, like E-commerce, local marketing and drop shipping.

All of these have become massive since I first wrote out this report that is now pages on this site.

My bad.

Let me just say that if you actually make a physical product, you should follow the following steps. (Ja, it is a LOT of work, but once all this is firing on all cylinders your business will be making you so rich you will want to buy me a holiday home for pointing you in the right direction)

  1. Set up a decent local search WordPress website.
  2. Set up your GMB (Google My Business) profile properly
  3. Set up decent social media – especially Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Publish your products like a crazy person there. BUT please do it properly, don’t spam randomly.
  4. Do a lot of content – pages, posts and videos.
  5. If you can ship your product, look into Etsy, FBA, drop shipping and more.
  6. see my courses on this – I do have some. Follow the links at the bottom of the page


You can do it as videos, PDF’s, membership websites, physical courses, digital downloads, podcasts and more. Better still, do it as all of them. You could also just do it as a Kindle book too. Many, many options.

On a small scale

You produce a course, an app, a plug-in for WordPress etc and market it as a standalone item

Easy to do and can work very easily. The research will show you exactly what people are looking for and then you build it/write it/design it and offer it to them via marketing methods that are proven to work.

On a Bigger scale

You design stuff like Adobe, Skype – on the software side or produce massive college-level courses and promote on a large scale.

Also easy to do, just takes more time and money.


Do you need a website?

Definitely and it might need to be custom coded

Do you need any skills at all?

Definitely – unless you hire the experts

Do you need complicated skills?

Definitely – just your business skills need to be top-drawer, as you will be in business competing against the best out there

Do you need to spend money?


Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

If not you personally then the people you hire

How much income potential does this niche/method have?


Want an example? This guy learned how to build WordPress custom themes. When I discovered him about six years ago he had a website with about 500 members, and we were all paying him $29 a year.

So his income a month back then was $1200 a month (Ok – I admit I am not 100% sure of these early numbers)

BUT today he has 200 000 customers @ $39 a year. That translates into about $650 000 a month. Nice going huh?

UPDATE. 400 000 now and @ $89.00

Even newer update 500 000 plus members.

Want to know who he is?

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

Could be a year or two, the smaller scaled stuff will start to earn as fast as you promote it which should be around three months.

You could put together a three or 4 video course in a day, run ads on Facebook or Google and start making money in a day or two after that.

It is dependant on how you go about your marketing.


I wanted to write a freebie for my things-to-make-and-sell website. It was supposed to be three pages. In the end, it was 50 or so pages. Fine. But now I have the opportunity to actually sell it, or give it away for free to build up an email list, and could make a video series attached and sell that for $99 (or $49, or $ 500 my choice)

Perhaps by the time you are reading this page you will find that very freebie added to my list of product and suggested links here below and if you downloaded it, you might find an up-sell for that video course in there. If you don’t, email me and remind me to go and make the damned thing. It might buy me an extra house if I actually did it 🙂

Would I need one or many websites?

One should be enough.

You could build small marketing niche sites for your product.

Each product should have its own website.


So What Now?
Read – Learn – Click

This website is not a glorified sales page.

You are supposed to learn, read, follow links, get advice and slowly find your feet.

Once you get the hang of my laid-back style and see how I am helping you, you could skip to the blog section and see what is new, what has changed, what I suggest and follow the ever-changing pulse of online marketing.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or get a beer, ad some snacks, and then settle down and start to educate yourself right here – pretty much for free.

I do not need to push you to start your business, or your part-time thing – YOU need to do that yourself.

I will simply explain it all to you, and leave the rest up to you.

The best of luck!

Where to next?

See the links below

Use the menu – or follow the core links that I will list here for you below to those pages that really will help you get started with your new lifestyle.

The main source of new deals, opportunities and ideas will all come from the blog section as I post and review and do things that will help you make your income online – Please use the links below.

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Plus you can start today, and be making money within a week (I am talking $2000 a week here)

I am so sure that this business model works that I have already made at least 5 videos on how it works, and how simple it really is.

If you want to know more…


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