Seriously? BLOGGING  For  Living?


Blogs and Authority sites!

The easiest business to start BY FAR!!! BLOGGING.

All it takes is research first, then the website layout, then daily work forever. You can be stinking rich.

Once the research and set up part of blogs are done, it is really just adding content all day.

After 10 years of full-time online marketing, building over 300 websites, and teaching people how to start an online business I have finally got to the point where I can actually help you in a blunt and honest way. Why blunt and honest? The truth is that I have found out that a lot of people want all this without the work that goes with it. All I am going to do here on this site is tell you about it all. You can do the rest 🙂 No hard sell, no pushing you at all.

Over the last 10 years, I have taught a large number of clients on how to start an online business. The core to almost every one of those businesses success was a decent sized website (the same as the word “Blog”)

IF each of those clients actually carried on and built their website past the tipping point of about 100 pages – 150 is better – they would all have a profitable business by now.

I know that 90% of them never did carry on with their websites. For them, it seemed like too much work.

Come on people, Is it too much work to write out 100 pages to build a business?

It is almost as simple as that.

Let us get started, shall we?


Blogging / Authority sites


Description – You write content and “blog” about a chosen subject or niche and over time get a following of targeted visitor traffic and earn via your blog or website

It is a bit naughty to title this section like this as the blogs online are all just websites really these days (IE every blog is a website and every website should be a blog – a content managed system website like WordPress)

Plus, the definition for “authority” websites is a little blurred; it really just means a website with more than about 150 pages, which covers a lot of sites.

But it is also more than that, so let me explain.

If you chose a niche that was your passion and it was researched to prove that there are interested buyers in that niche then your blog (website) will almost certainly be a success if you follow some very basic rules.

Then the more you blog (add content) the more your site will become an authority site.

As long as you do not do anything to irritate Google your blog (business) will grow at a very fast rate and could make you very wealthy.

What are those rules and steps needed to keep Google happy?

And how do you build it, research it etc?

I will add a list of courses at the end of this report for you to go and look at – or you could YouTube train (very reckless) and save money.

How do you monetize this type of business?

So many ways you would be shocked. It is almost true to say “write it and they will come”

But the monetisation is so varied from niche to niche that you would need to do a bit of research into that – or hire me to do it for you.

You could do affiliate stuff, Google Adsense, your own product or reports etc.

I will definitely be doing a series of posts and videos on this one over time to help those who are blogging get more profits from their blogs.

See the links below for the latest news.

Do you need a website?

Ha-ha, Funny. NEVER use the free websites for this business model.

And yes you will need hosting, domains and will need to use a decent CMS publishing system like WordPress. All the good quality stuff will be found in the links at the bottom

All covered in extreme detail in many of the courses I can send you to.

Starting from as low as $9 – see the latest news links below (If I have any right now that I do recommend)

Do you need any skills at all?

Actually, if you have chosen a niche that you love then you will know everything about the subject and never have a problem. If you chose a popular (money) niche like weight loss, forex, haemorrhoids etc – you might need to do research, but nothing you cannot cope with.

Do you need complicated skills?

Nope, unless your chosen niche is a complicated subject, like Nuclear physics J

Do you need to spend money?

Not really – Unless you choose to pay for your traffic and not do SEO organic development. Both are good options. Need to know more? Ask me.

Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

See skills above. Really the hardest part is subject knowledge and the site building (which you could contract out)

How much income potential does this niche/method have?


If you choose a big traffic niche that is full of buyers seeking solutions you could be richer than you can imagine.

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

This is perhaps the one section where your earnings will be the most varied.

Your choice of niche will drastically affect your income, but having said that you could start to see income from organic search results as fast as the second month.

Obviously, if you paid people to build you the sales funnel part of your business, then paid people to build your website and do your research etc, then you bought traffic to your website – you could start to earn a lot of money within a few weeks.

This is a perfect example of your time VS money – meaning that you could spend money to make money faster, or you could spend time learning and applying those skills and will earn as long as you keep on adding correct content and doing linking etc.

THIS IS ONE THAT IS BENEFITTING FROM SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Thousands of new blogs or authority websites are earning massive incomes from doing decent social media marketing on places like Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook.

Would I need one or many websites?

Definitely one, but after that would depend upon you as you could repeat a smaller business model (see my links at the end of this report for a perfect method to use with this income type)

So, you could do just one website and over time it will be a massive authority site, with a membership section and a forum etc, or you could do many smaller niche sites.

Both work very well.

So What Now?
Read – Learn – Click

This website is not a glorified sales page.

You are supposed to learn, read, follow links, get advice and slowly find your feet.

Once you get the hang of my laid-back style and see how I am helping you, you could skip to the blog section and see what is new, what has changed, what I suggest and follow the ever-changing pulse of online marketing.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or get a beer, ad some snacks, and then settle down and start to educate yourself right here – pretty much for free.

I do not need to push you to start your business, or your part-time thing – YOU need to do that yourself.

I will simply explain it all to you, and leave the rest up to you.

The best of luck!

Where to next?

Use the menu – or follow the core links that I will list here for you below to those pages that really will help you get started with your new lifestyle.

The main source of new deals, opportunities and ideas will all come from the blog section as I post and review and do things that will help you make your income online – Please use the links below.

Before I add more details, I would like to add a BONUS section. If you need a website and use my affiliate link to get your hosting, I will give you so many bonuses that your head will spin for a week.

This will be for other services that I might offer, or occasionally for courses, I review and suggest that you might need. If you buy through my affiliate link again - you get similar bonuses and more. Please keep an eye out for those specials. 

My online marketing services -

I will be adding links for up to 29 pages at least over the next few weeks. If you are here early, please come back soon to see more pages.


Page One is the Home Page - It is the full introduction to what you really need to know if you want to start to make money online.

Page two is very important - THE BLOG - In the beginning, it is not going to have too much while the rest of the 26 pages get added on the site and here to this list, but then after that ALL the activity will be there for you to enjoy.

Page three is making money writing content for website owners and related opportunities. See more here on this page. Writing Content.

Page Four is writing books, or writing stories. Old fashioned writers. See more here. Writing books and selling them online.

Page Five is all about blogging and creating authority websites - See that on this page -

Page six is Affiliate Marketing explained -

Page seven is all about building Membership websites for a stable income in your chosen niche -

Page eight - This is a detailed look into doing your own courses and selling software -

Page Nine - Doing affiliate marketing through Amazon (this is my own personal core income target right now)

Page Ten - CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing. Fast easy money - when you know how.

Page eleven - A review on an easy to do App business method -

The next pages are still getting set up.

Please come back to see them soon.

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