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This writing gig could be used to get your online businesses funded with excellent grounding – or with refinement could become your future – A full time living.

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Writing content is something that anyone who has a grasp of Basic English can do.

It is important that I tell you some seemingly obvious facts here before you go on down the page and read more on how you could start to earn money within days doing this writing thing.

Firstly you must be willing to do some real work, and not think that this writing gig is easy.

90% of the people that I send to this idea are those I have found on social media asking for help.

They all complain that they cannot find work etc – then the look through this for a few minutes and give the whole idea up.

That is their choice, but if you go a tiny bit further, you will find that anyone who can write basic English can make a full-time income from this method.

But you will be writing for 6 hours a day for 20 days a month.

Can you do that?

Then you need to start at the very bottom.

In the very beginning you are going to need to join and write for those places that pay the least, and often those clients within that system will reject your work, and then still use your articles.

You just have to accept that at this lower level this sort of thing happens.

Can I show you how to get past this first level?

I probably have a dozen videos on youtube and training on other sites of mine that does go deeper into how to get going and work this into a more civilised system and a point where you are happy to write every day.

What is the easiest way to describe this position?

The correct answer is – writing content for website owners to publish on their websites.

But, it could also go further to where you are creating content like info-graphics and even videos. However 90% of the time you are simply researching about a subject or a keyword and writing an article about that subject.

You will need to have correct grammar and good spelling skills, but there are software programs that can help you with that.

The best way to learn how to write is to simply see what the top websites have on their sites and try to copy that style.

You do not need to overthink this – writing as you would talk is often good enough for website content.

Description – You write content for other website owners. 

You write content for other online properties too – like FaceBook posts, or for someone’s email auto responder series.

This is the fastest way to start to earn money online.

You join the article writing websites and if you are approved you get paid to write articles for people.

The best way to get writing work, in the beginning, is to join the writing websites (see the links below) but they will always be impersonal and pay less.

Once you are comfortable with your writing style and skills then you can start to do outreach to the blog owners and website owners in the niche that you would prefer to be writing in.

You would send emails with sample pieces of your work and make contact with them that way. This is a hard thing to do, but once you start to pick up clients that will order your content things will get easier. Eventually, you will have a group of site owners that order content from you on a regular basis.

Here are some links to a few article writing services

Not all will be free to join – But until you have researched all the options you will not know which is the best fit for you.


Please note that all references that I use for the fees you might get paid can and will differ from country to country

You could advertise your article writing services in the classified sites, but very often you will need to pay for those adverts.

You can join Facebook groups and interact with other writers and get some work there too.

A good option is to write groups of articles (10 or 20) at a time and sell them in packages.

You could also spin those articles and add the spun versions to the buyer as part of a bigger package.

EG – You write 20 articles on smelly feet (you do research first for keywords)

About Article Spinning

Spinning articles is a highly controversial issue, and should NEVER be used as your core content product for your clients

You can personally spin those articles using the better spinners.

I highly suggest hand spinning.

I use these guys

Now if you spin an article properly, you will be able to produce 50 to 100 articles from each original article and then you add that to the buyer’s package.

That way they get 2000 usable articles.

They would publish the 20 original ones on their money site – and then keep on adding the others to all the other online places like Blogger – and on each one, it would publish up to 20 of those spun versions. They should mix and vary their publishing, but that is not your problem, they just buy the content from you.

You could charge from $300 upwards for a package like that.


You could build a website and get it ranked in the search engines – and get a lot of article inquiries, but owning a website in this niche is more of a luxury than a necessity.

IF you want to be really professional about your article writing you will definitely need a website and decent examples of your work. (With a business model like this you could earn from $6000 upwards a month.) Then you could canvass for clients – not that hard to do (if you order the hosting you will need for your website through me or build a website through me – I will give you a step by step plan on how to get those clients – remind me that I said so here in this report)

This example type of service sort of falls into the same as examples 10 and 11 below this.

That would be other services like translation, transcription and other virtual assistant types of online work.

There is a massive need for these services online, and if you need money very fast this could be the way.

My Opinion – Hard work! I tried it and doing the research for the articles is OK, it was typing article after article that got to me. I felt trapped fast. However, there are people who love typing and judging by the millions of secretaries that are working for a boss out there a lot of people are capable of doing this. I suggest this type of business only as a stepping stone to your own written products or courses. IE cash flow.

Yet, having complained here about typing boring me, I have just spent many hours writing this report out for you, and it is 60 plus pages, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Do you need a website?

Not really. However it would be an advantage, a “home base” to showcase examples, offer specials, lead generation, looks more professional, etc

Do you need any skills at all?

Yes you need to be able to write in your chosen language with English being the most popular by far. The better your English writing and spelling etc skills are the more you will earn

Do you need complicated skills?

No – see above – Unless you get big in this field and have writers working under you contracting out to you. Even at that level, you will not need exceptional management skills.

Do you need to spend money?

No. Not even for a website. Even when you have reached a certain level of demand for your services you could even use the free websites (But I definitely do not recommend that)

You could spend money to have quality advertising online in the classifieds or on Google, but generally, this is very low capital intensive. No money needed can be a big advantage

Do you need to have detailed knowledge of that subject?

Your orders will be for a big variety of researched subjects and most of the time you will be given a list of keywords only.

You will then do the research and write out the articles. Speed is vital here

How much income potential does this niche/method have?

Remember you are trapped by the number of hours in your day. So it comes down to how much you charge for your articles, and how efficient you are during your research time and finally your typing speed.

Someone who is busy all day and charges a little for their articles will only earn $ 1 500 a month

The top guys are getting from $ 6 000 a month

Even if you do your research fast, type like a demon you will still have a ceiling to your potential earnings. You could become popular and ask premium prices, but will still always be restricted.

You could get writers to work under you and grow that way.

How fast would I likely start to earn money?

If you try hard you could earn money within days of starting.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, you will be paid low amounts while you gain a bit of a reputation.

Lowest pay would be $1.50 per article and if you type fast you can do about 4 an hour.

Average pay is $5 to $7 per article and most people average only three an hour. Many work for less than 6 hours a day. So you average potential is $15 to $20 per hour.

However, the better article writers are able to get $50 to $500 easily – it is a matter of building a reputation.

Truthfully, rather work on half those numbers as a reality – with research time and FaceBook etc factored in.

Remember to research these numbers yourself without blindly believing me.

Would I need one or many websites?

None (maybe one)

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